Saturday, March 31, 2007

Indiana Indy Star loses title match in Japan 3/31

"MAX Satisfaction"
Kanagawa, Japan -
March 31st, 2007
Yokohama city Kanazawa industrial promotion center
1,300 fans
AWA World Heavyweight Title:
x Steve Corino vs. © Takao Omori o
(19:38 → Axe Bomber)
Special Match:
Ikuto Hidaka
o Minoru Fujita
vs. Kentaro Shiga (NOAH)
Kamikaze x
(17:19 → jacknife hold)
AWA World Jr. Heavyweight Title:
o Tatsuhito Takaiwa © vs. Chad Collyer x
(11:13 → Death Valley driver)
o Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Yoshihito Sasaki x
(2:31 → head kick)
Ryouji Sai
x Rikiya Fudo
vs. Shinjiro Otani
Kazunari Murakami (BML) o
(14:28 → STM)
o Gha-Cha-Ping vs. Kikutaro x
(7:01 → Gha-Cha bomb)
o Osamu Namiguchi vs. Shota Takanishi x
(6:11 → crab hold)

WCWO Results--3/30--Crawfordsville, IN

Devan Monroe defeated Dave Davidson

Pogo, Twisted and the Dirty Hippie defeated Kenneth James, Timmy Turner and Cousin Cooter

Ryan Rich pinned Louis Linaris

PT Hussla pinned Hillbilly Jed

WCWO Ladies Champion Camron Star & Oola defeated Big John Hurtz & Corona

Dropkick Jay defeated Jammer to win the newly re-instated WCWO Midwest Title, HOWEVER it was announced that the Midwest Title would be a 24/7 championship and after the win against Jammer, Dropkick Jay was pinned by Devan Monroe, so he is the NEW WCWO Midwest Champion

Bo Bo Brazil, Jr & Apocalypz defeated The Chicago Playaz (Boy Toy Bryan & Stu Early) to retain the WCWO Tag Team Titles

and in the main event "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher defeated Indiana Kidd Jr in a Steel Cage Match to become the NEW WCWO Heavyweight Champion

MWWC Underground Results--3/30--Elkhart, IN

Jimmy 'Hype' Shalwin won over Ryan Rage to become the first Underground Heavyweight Champion.

Big Russ and Brutus Dylan won over Hardcore Harry and Lightning Kenny Kage in a crazy hardcore tag team weapons match.

Scotty Young over Alex Raze

Absolute Answer (Ames and Able) over Banzai and Micheal Thunder.

William Stud over The Scarecrow

'The Sikness' Adam Bueller over Jake Omen in a FANTASTIC match.

Indy Wrestle Line--3/31 Report

Indy Wrestle Line Independent Update
317-592-9401 option #1


Welcome everyone to the Saturday Indy Wrestle Line update on this Wrestlemania weekend, I am your weekend warrior Randy Klemme.

I received alot of comments on last week's 10-falls interview with Scarlett Rose and up now on in the "Independents Day" section you will find the next interview, this week featuring Referee Jason Harding. A great young talent who is refereeing this weekend in Detroit for Ring of Honor. He answers my 10-questions this weekend. The interview is also available on my MySpace page at in the blog section.

Plan to check out the 3rd interview of participants in the EWF X-8 Tournament coming April 21st in Marion, Indiana. The interview features "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc and that is on option #3 of the Indy Wrestle Line at 317-592-9401...

There are a few shows around the midwest on this Wrestlemania weekend...

EWF will have thewir weekly show at the EWF arena, 3400 S Adams in Marion with a 7pm belltime...On the card you will see New Era Champion Jay West....Ladies Champion Sister Main Event....Tag Team Champions, Ames and Able....and EWF Midwestern Champion Nate Phoenix all in action. Tickets are $8 at the door and doors open at 6pm...

Fire Pro Wrestling will be in action tonight at the Impact Christian Church, 402 82nd Place in Merrillville with a 7pm belltime. On the card will be an 8 man tournament to crown a new Pride Champion. Tickets are $10....children under 10 $7 and doors open at 6pm....

AWA-Supreme will be in action at 821 W Main Street in Madison, Indiana. Belltime is at 7:30pm. Above the Law will defend their tag team titles against The Blackhearts on that card...

Northern Wrestling Federation will be in action at the National Guard Armory in Carrollton, Kentucky. On that card, NWF Champion Ryan Stone defends the title against Wildcat Chris Harris. Belltime is at 8pm in Carrollton, Kentucky

and the Mountain Wrestling Association will have their weekly show at the Estill Street Jubilee in Mount Sterling, Kentucky with a 7:30 belltime....

Also tonight in Yokohama City, Japan, Indiana Indy Star Chad Collyer takes on Tatsuhito Takaiwa for the AWA World Jr Heavyweight title. A match we will be waiting for results on....
Last night there were a few shows happening....

At BoneKrushers in Cincinnati it was NWF action....

Nasty Russ defeated Tiny Tim & Danny "Monte" Montgomery in a Triple Threat Match.

Unified Champion The Zodiac was disqualified against Austin Meddler thanks to interference by The Crybaby.

The Genuine Superstar Anthony Bryant pinned Tri-State Champion Ice with a handful of tights in a non-title match.

Benjamin Kimera defeated Christopher Michael Lotus when the new Unified Champion, The Zodiac, interfered.

Dr. Melvin Winkleman defeated The Crybaby by DQ when Crybaby used the NWF Tag Team title belt on Melvin. .

Stewie Backlund defeated Bodacious (with Crazy Courtney) by submission when Bodacious tapped out to the Crossface Chicken Wing.

and it was The Hippies (Jesse Hyde & Pompano Joe) defeating Muldoon & The Warlock.
Ring of Honor action last night in Detroit, Mi saw...

Adam Pearce d. Colt Cabana, Matt Sydal and Chris Hero in a Four Corner Survival match

Erick Stevens d. Alex Payne.

In an ROH vs Dragon Gate singles match: Masaaki Mochizuki d. Davey Richards.

Anything Goes Mixed Tag had Jimmy Jacobs & Lacey d. BJ Whitmer & Daizee Haze.

ROH vs Dragon Gate World Tag Team Title Match: Jay & Mark Briscoe d. Shingo & Naruki Doi to win the ROH World Tag Team Titles. Mark Briscoe was injured during the match when he landed funny following a Shooting Star Press to the floor.and had to be stretchered out by medics. Jay was able to win the match on his own with a J-Driller on Shingo.

ROH vs Dragon Gate singles match: Yamoto d. Pelle Primeau.

Brent Albright d. Nigel McGuinness.

Homicide d. Christopher Daniels.

Roderick Strong d. Jack Evans.

and in an Eight Man All Star Dragon Gate Rules Match: CIMA, Susumu Yokosuka, Dragon Kid, & Ryo Saito d. Austin Aries, Delirious, Rocky Romero, & Claudio Castagnoli.

ROH is back in action tonight in Detroit. Estimated attendance last night was around 1,000
We are still waiting on results from last nights action as WCWO was in Crawfordsville, Indiana and Midwest Wrestling Connection Underground was in Elkhart. When we get those results they will be posted on

On tomorrow's report we will discuss a little about Wrestlemania 23 and I will have a couple of predictions...along with some thoughts of others that come to the hotline and website and their thoughts...

Don't forget the WWE Hall of Fame show tonight at Midnight on USA...Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling is also on Sports Time Ohio starting at 11:30pm

A reminder If you have any wrestling news, results or information you would like to contribute, I will gladly give you full credit. You can leave it after this report or e-mail me at I am also available on MySpace at my website at

So join me tomorrow for results, news and information safe and support independent professional wrestling!

Friday, March 30, 2007

NWF Results--3/30-Cincinnati, OH

Nasty Russ defeated Tiny Tim & Danny "Monte" Montgomery in a Triple Threat Match.

Unified Champion The Zodiac was disqualified against Austin Meddler thanks to interference by The Crybaby.

The Genuine Superstar Anthony Bryant pinned Tri-State Champion Ice with a handful of tights in a non-title match.

Benjamin Kimera defeated Christopher Michael Lotus when the new Unified Champion, The Zodiac, interfered.

Dr. Melvin Winkleman defeated The Crybaby by DQ when Crybaby used the NWF Tag Team title belt on Melvin. .

Stewie Backlund defeated Bodacious (with Crazy Courtney) by submission when Bodacious tapped out to the Crossface Chicken Wing.

and it was The Hippies (Jesse Hyde & Pompano Joe) defeating Muldoon & The Warlock. .

Part 3 of the EWF X8 Interview Series-Billy Roc


Billy Roc returns to The Hotseat, for what I believe is his third time, appropriately enough it is also the third installment of the EWF X8 interview series! Billy is a rising star on the independent scene, currently wrestling for promotions such as NWA Indiana, IWA Mid-South, Insanity Pro Wrestling, and recently debuting for CHIKARA, among others. I believe him to be one of the top light heavyweight wrestlers out there today, and you can check him out at EWF's X8 Tournament on April 21-or you could also call The Indy Wrestleline at 317-592-9401, opt. 3 for The Hotseat to get a sneak peek of who this talented young man is!

10-Falls with Referee Jason Harding

10-Falls Interview with
Referee Jason Harding

"One of the best independent professional wrestling referees in the midwest is Jason Harding. In a few short years of being in the pro wrestling business, Jason has been able to put himself into a position of refereeing some matches for some of the best talent in pro wrestling today. Trust me when I say, you may not know Jason's work now, but you definitely will see him in the big time soon....."--Randy Klemme

1) How long have you been in the business and where did you receive your training?

JH: I have been in the business since October of 1998 (approx. 8 years) and trained with a small group in southern Indiana.

2) What organizations have you worked for and which ones are you currently associated with?

JH: I currently work primarily for Ring of Honor, NWA-Indiana, and the Micro Wrestling Federation, with a tour of Japan's Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling thrown in for good measure. In the past, I've worked for Hoosier Pro Wrestling, Extreme Wrestling Federation, Windy City Pro Wrestling, Revolution Championship Wrestling in Illinois, Insanity Pro Wrestling, and a ton of other local organizations.

3) What has been some of the top matches you have refereed so far in your career?

JH: Probably the most prestigious match I've refereed was in Dragon Gate during the WrestleJAM tour last summer. The match was Austin Aries and Roderick Strong defending the ROH Tag Team Titles against Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino. The prestigious part about this was the fact that this match turned the ROH Tag Titles into world titles - I was honored to be involved. During that same tour, I was awed by the fact that I was given the task of reffing the main event at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. An absolutely amazing experience.

4) What is the most important thing that people do not realize about being a pro wrestling referee?

JH: The one thing that is most overlooked is the referee's involvement in the overall product of the match. I firmly believe that a bad ref can bring even a good match down, but a good ref can make a good match great.

5) A pro wrestling referee isn't a glamorous job, so give us your best and worst things about being a referee?

JH: My favorite part about being a ref is the simple fact that I get to work several times a show, with many different wrestlers. I always try to take away a learning experience of some sort from every match I'm involved in, so working more than once a night just leads to more experience and more knowledge.
The worst thing, as I said above, however, is how often overlooked the referee can be. Our job description, though, is to fade into the background until we're needed - I've always heard it said that "if you don't notice the ref, then he's doing his job".

6) Any good road stories that you can pass along (keep it clean LOL)?

JH: Well, yeah, I've got road stories... unfortunately, the "keep it clean" kinda removes most of them.

Nah, in all seriousness... one of my favorite stories was pretty early in my career - I might've been two years in by this point. Diceman Ronnie Vegas invited me to travel with his group out to South Dakota, by far the farthest I'd traveled to work to that point. One thing I *DIDN'T* know, was that Johnny Grunge from Public Enemy was traveling out with us, and Rocco Rock would be meeting us there. As green as I still was then, I'll be honest, I was pretty starstruck initially. We made it out to South Dakota in one piece (barely), and got to the venue in time to start setting up the ring. Naturally, I joined in with the other rookies, as well as a few local South Dakota wrestlers, in carrying in the pieces of the ring. We were just getting everything ready to set up as Rocco Rock walked in, just arriving from the airport. He could very easily have played his 'veteran' card and gone off to shmooze and chitchat while we set things up.

That's not the kind of guy Teddy was, though.

He immediately set down his bag, walked over, and grabbed a ringpost. He stuck around until everything was set up, then proceeded to hold an impromptu seminar for the rookie wrestlers, giving pointers and dispensing knowledge selflessly.

That story always brings back good memories of a guy we lost way too early - and really taught me that no matter how long you've been in the business, or how much you've done, never disrespect your fellow brothers. That's a good lesson for everyone to learn.

7) Are there things that you would like to achieve during your pro wrestling career? Short term and long term goals?

JH: Short term goals... I suppose first and foremost, my short term goal would be to work in as many states and places as I can.

Long term (and realistically, this may be a shorter term goal than one might think), I'd obviously love to work for the WWE. That's been my goal since the first day I got into this business - if only for the simple fact that, as a referee, it's the only place I can make a living in the wrestling business.

8) Have you received any important advice from other more famous names in the pro wrestling business and what was that?

JH: I've been given tons of pointers along the line, from nearly everyone I've had the pleasure of working with - but I suppose the best advice I've been handed was from Jim Cornette. I had the distinct pleasure of working with him for Ring of Honor several times, but didn't really have much of a chance to talk to him until Wrestlemania weekend last year in Chicago. The knowledge I gained that night just from talking to Mr. Cornette, and listening to his stories, did more to open my eyes to some of the finer points of the wrestling business than anything I've experienced, either before or since.

9) Is there a difference between Jason Harding the referee and the Jason Harding in real life? and what is that?

JH: There really isn't a whole lot of difference, to be honest with you. Maybe a little less counting. That's about it. I'm pretty much me - what you see is what you get.

Whether that's a good thing or not, the jury's still out. Maybe my wife can be the judge of that one.

10) If someone wanted to become a wrestling referee...what would be three important things you would tell them to get them started....

JH: First off, go get trained. And get trained by a credible school. I can't stress enough what the simple credibility boost of having a known, quality school behind you does for a new career. I've been one of the lucky ones, in that I've been able to break through and really achieve a lot of my goals without having trained at a major name school - but it took 8 years of scraping and clawing to climb the ladder to that point. Save yourself the headache.

Secondly, even above and beyond classroom training, watch any and all tapes you can get your hands on. The body of work that a Tommy Young, or a Mark Curtis, or a Mike Chioda, etc. has available on tape is one of the best training tools a young ref could ask for. As a ref, it's all about the subtleties, and studying tapes is what'll help separate a good ref from a great one. Also, get advice from everyone you come in contact with. I try to do this, and I've gotten some really great pointers through the years, things that have really fine-tuned my style, and made me into the ref I am today.

And thirdly - get professional gear. A ref jersey and a good pair of slacks aren't expensive.

And for God's sake, tuck in your damn shirt.


You can catch up with Jason Harding at Ring of Honor (, NWA-Indiana (, or the Micro Wrestling Federation (, or for more info, his website ( or MySpace (

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MWA Results--3/28--Mt Sterling, KY

MWA - Mountain Wrestling Association
Wednesday, March 28th, 2007
Montgomery County High School
Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

Match #1: Tuffy (MWA Kentucky Champion) defeated "Mr. Extreme" Tommy Gunn

Match #2: The Patriot and "Hosscat" Big Henry defeated Roger Ruffen and Cody Mathews

Match #3: "Steele Smooth" ("Big" Al Steele & Chucky Smooth) won by DQ over "Done Deal" (Dick Dalton & Kasey Kaos)

Match #4: Kelly Charles (MWA Heavyweight Champion) --vrs-- "Honest" Donnie Green was stopped and thrown out by the Referee

Match #5: "Wildcat" Chris Harris defeated Ryan Stone (NWF Heavyweight Champion)

Match #6: "The Monster" Abyss defeated "The Driller" Eddie Browning

Match #7: Shayne Parker and 2 of the Montgomery County High School Football Coaches defeated The Medic, "Rooster" Ronnie Green and "Mr. Fitness" Michael Payne

MWA returns every Saturday Night to Mt. Sterling at The Estill Street Jubilee. Bell Time is 7:30 PM.

Classic Championship Wrestling (CCW) Results--3/27--Louisville, KY

CCW - Classic Championship Wrestling
Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
CCW Arena
3327 Northwestern Parkway
Louisville, Kentucky

Match #1: Guido Andretti pinned Jason X

Match #2: Jebediah Blackhawk and Shawn Dolphin defeated The Blackhearts

Match #3: Randy Royal won by Submission over Tommy "T-Dogg" Foreman

Match #4: HNIC (Apollo & JB Thunder) defeated J-Mo and Lincoln Walker

Match #5: Chris Chaos pinned Dynamite Derrick

Match #6: Johnny Spade and The Prophet defeated Damien Divine and Vito Andretti

Coliseum Championship Wrestling Results--3/28--Evansville, IN

JP Lightning pinned Dr. Bloo

"Cannonball" Sami Callihan defeated "The Killer" Billy Hardway

Viper defeated Benjerman Kimera by disqualification

Hunter Matthews pinned "The New Age Assassin" Tim Renesto

Tracy Smothers defeated J Grunge

CCW Heavyweight Title Match:Dewey "Booger" Dawson defeated "champion" "The Texas Hangman" Lonestar by countout

Special Thanks to Big Lee for the report

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Part 2 in the EWF X8 Interview Series-Jake Omen


First it was Sami Callahan, now EWF superstar Jake Omen that has stepped into The Hotseat on opt. no. 3 of The Indy Wrestleline with Greg Carey. To check this out call 317-592-9401, opt. 3!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Northern Wrestling Federation Results--3/25--Wilmington, Ohio

The American Eagle defeated The Crybaby. The Crybaby had Eagle pinned by grabbing onto the ropes, but Austin Meddler came out and told the ref what happened. He restarted the match and Eagle rolled up The Crybaby for the pinfall.

Stewie Backlund made Zodiac #2 tap out with the Crossface Chickenwing.

Christopher Michael Lotus defeated Muldoon by DQ when Roger Ruffen interfered.

Lady Victoria pinned Sin D with her feet on the ropes.

NWF Tag Team Champions Austin Meddler & Dr. Melvin Winkleman defeated Benjamin Kimera & Unified Champion The Zodiac.

Tri-State Champion Ice defeated Bodacious. After the match, Crazy Courntey and Bodacious attacked Ice. Courtney splashed Ice repeatedly.

The Genuine Superstar Anthony Bryant defeated Tiny Tim.

In a Street Fight, The Thugs pinned the Hippies with help from Lady Victoria. The Thugs assaulted The Hippies until Sin D ran out and speared Victoria.

Stewie Backlund won the Gauntlet Style Battle Royal, last eliminating Roger Ruffen to earn a shot against Ryan Stone for the NWF Title.

NWF Champion Ryan Stone defeated Stewie Backlund with an assist from "The Bomb" Rob Williams who hit Stewie with the NWF Title belt. After the match, NWF CEO Kirk Sheppard announced that on May 26th, Backlund would get both Stone & Williams in a handicap match!

AWA-Supreme Results--3/24--Madison, IN

  • Above The Law defeated Big & Tasty and The Knights of the Squared Circle in a Triple Threat Match when Draven pinned "Sweet" William Valentine. Nic Noble had hit the "Noble Ending" on Valentine, but Strattlin hit Noble with a chain and made Noble tag in Draven for the pin.
  • Spazz beat Garth Redman by submission.
  • HNIC beat The Regulators.
  • Insane Wayne pinned "Awesome" Dewey Brown.
  • Kamala pinned Tim The Baker. After the match, Kamala was attacked by The Tibetan Strangler.
  • Mid-America Champion Damien Divine beat Ricky Ruckus by Knock-out.
  • Supreme Champion Billy Maverick beat CJ Popp by DQ.
  • The Blackhearts beat Above the Law in a Non-Sanctioned, No DQ Match to earn a title shot.
  • Special Thanks to AWA-Supreme Sponsor, Riverhouse II!

    Catch AWA-Supreme on TV, Time Warner Cable channel 15 in Madison, IN.

    MWA Results--3/25--Frankfort, KY

    MWA - Mountain Wrestling Association
    Sunday, March 25th, 2007
    The Housing Authority Gym
    Frankfort, Kentucky

    "Big" Al Steele defeated Brian Lawless

    The Zodiac and Black Rain defeated Allen Lynch and "Superstar" Shane Mathews

    "Iron Man" Cody Mathews defeated Michael Mondelli and Brandon Midas

    "Mr. Physical" Mean Mike Roach defeated The Red Dragon by submission

    "The Jack Black Bodyslam Challenge
    Lincoln Walker, Kevin Starr, The Prophet and The Patriot all failed

    "Honest" Donnie Green defeated Sheik Aftershock

    MWA Kentucky Title Match
    (Champion) Tuffy defeated "Mr. Extreme" Tommy Gunn

    Battle Royal
    Won by The Patriot (last eliminating Jack Black)

    MWA Results--3/24--Mt Sterling, KY

    MWA - Mountain Wrestling Association
    Saturday, March 24th, 2007
    Estill Street Jubilee
    Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

    "Steele Smooth" ("Big" Al Steele & Chucky Smooth) won by Count Out over the MWA Tag Team Champions - "Done Deal" (Dick Dalton & Kasey Kaos)

    Rick Santel defeated "Rooster" Ronnie Green

    "Mr. Fitness" Michael Payne defeated "Hosscat" Big Henry

    Non-Title Match
    The Star Stud defeated the MWA Kentucky Champion - Tuffy

    "Honest" Donnie Green and "The Driller" Eddie Browning won by pin over "The Mt. Sterling Wrecking Crew" (MWA Champion) Kelly Charles and Shayne Parker
    Donnie Green pinned Kelly Charles
    MWA returns every Saturday night to The Estill Street Jubilee, 7:30 Belltime.

    USWF Results--3/24--McKinney, KY

    USWF - United States Wrestling Federation
    Saturday, March 24th, 2007
    Old McKinney Gym
    McKinney, Kentucky

    Cujo won by pin over Preston Romans III

    Rated-X (with Miss Jesse Belle) and Country Cuzzin' Jed (with Country Cuzzin' Mae) won by pin over The Dream Weaver and Lincoln Walker

    Country Cuzzin' Jed scored the pin over Lincoln Walker

    USWF United States Title Match - 3-Way Dance
    (Champion) Hamid Jihad with Mickey O'Dell -vrs- Jay-Ten Lyons -vrs- Dustin P.
    Jay-Ten Lyons won the United States Title by pin over Hamid Jihad and Dustin P.

    USWF Tag Team Title Match
    (Challengers) The Prophet and "Smooth" Johnny Spade with Miss Holly Wood won by DQ over (Champions) The Masked Superstar and The Zodiac

    USWF National Title Match
    (Challenger) The Patriot won by DQ over (Champion) Jack Black with Mickey O'Dell
    The Referee stopped the match when Mickey O'Dell called out Hamid Jihad to attack The Patriot
    USWF returns to McKinney, Kentucky on Saturday, April 14th, 2007. 7:30 Belltime.

    Midwest Wrestling Connection results--3/24--Elkhart, Indiana

    The Frat House defeated Heart and Soul

    Kid Italy defeated Hardcore Harry Jamie Eternal and Ninja Joe in a fatal 4-way

    Michael Thunder defeated Dash

    Adam Evans and Diego Corleone defeated the Rage Kage (Ryan Rage and Kenny Kage)

    William Stud defeated Halloween

    The Dark Lion and Big Russ Jones defeated Mazz and SPT Reign

    Scotty Young defeated the Sikness Adam Bueller and Jake Omen in a triple threat match

    Chase Stevens defeated the Cosmic Kid Chad Tener

    The next MWWC show is April 14th and will feature:

    William Stud vs. Cosmic Kid vs. Adam Evans for the Heavyweight Title

    Scotty Young will defend his belt

    Plus, Michael Thunder, Hardcore Harry, the YBI's and more

    Sunday, March 25, 2007

    Indiana Indy Star wins in Japan 3/25


    "Nakagawa Cho Ogawa Charity Show "
    Tochigi, Japan -
    March 25th, 2007
    Nakagawa Cho Ogawa gymnasium
    1,500 fans

    o Shinjiro Otani
    Kazunari Murakami
    vs. Ryouji Sai
    Yoshihito Sasaki x
    (17:02 → Spiral bomb)
    o Takao Omori vs. Kamikaze x
    (15:10→ Axe Bomber)
    Tatsuhito Takaiwa
    x Osamu Namiguchi
    vs. Ikuto Hidaka
    Chad Collyer o
    (16:37 → Texas Cloverleaf)
    Pro Wrestling SUN 3-Way offer match:
    Nanae Takahashi
    o Saki Maemura vs. Natsuki*Taiyo x
    (12:15 → Alcatraz)
    Yamada Wrestling School offer match
    (1R 5 Minutes):
    Δ Hikari Oota vs. Takashi Horikoshi Δ
    (5:00 → time limit draw)
    x Rikiya Fudo vs. Gha-Cha-Ping o
    (10:23 → Gha-Cha pinfall)
    o Minoru Fujita vs. Shota Takanishi x
    (9:13 → BONEYARD)

    NWA Midwest Results--3/24--Streamwood, IL

    Dustin Lillard defeated Scotty Murray.

    Esteban Molina defeated Ricky Thomas.

    MsChif defeated Josie to retain the NWA World Women's Championship and to become the New NWA Midwest Women's Champion.

    The Phoenix Twins defeated Team Underground.

    NWA Central States Champion Michael Strider defeated "The Machine Gun" Karl Anderson with Carmine Despirito to advance in the NWA Midwest Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

    "Roughneck" Jay Ryan defeated The Mississippi Madman to advance in the NWA Midwest Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

    Jason Dukes defeated Jay Lethal to retain the NWA Midwest X Division Title

    "Wildcat" Chris Harris defeated "Cowboy" James Storm.

    Black Listed with Michael Starr and Ms. Eryn defeated The Extreme Dream Team to retain the NWA Midwest Tag Team Titles.

    NWA Midwest returns to Streamwood May 5

    Midwestern States Pro Wrestling results--3/24--Coal City, IL

    XXXPlicit Content (DDS and Bailey Mannix) defeated "The Gaybar Superstar" Bobby Valentino and Justin Dredd

    "Metal Head" Steve Stone rolled up Justin Dean

    "Man Whore" CJ Esparza defeated "The Latin Lover" Tony Rican

    Brett Gakiya defeated MSPW Light Heavyweight Champion T.C.Washington in a non title match

    William Hatcher pinned Chris Black

    Derrick St. Holmes defeated Ali

    A.D.D. defended the Heritage Title against Bam Morgan and the match ended in a no-contest

    "Irish Crippler" Michael Flannery defeated Xavier Mustafa

    MSPW Champion Jason Hades defeated Silas Young

    The next show will be on April 14th

    Indy Wrestle Line--3/25 Report

    Indy Wrestle Line Independent Update
    317-592-9401 option #1


    Hello everyone and welcome to the Indy Wrestle Line for your Sunday update, I am your weekend warrior Randy Klemme.

    First as we do each Sunday we need to send out some birthday shout outs for this week....."Main Attraction" Donny Idol celebrates a birthday tomorrow....and next Friday Indy Star Zach Gowen will celebrate a birthday, so happy birthday to both of those guys...

    Don't forget on the tube tonight, Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling will air at 10:30pm on Sports Time Ohio and will replay tomorrow at 11:30pm...Speaking of CAPW, the guy who was on Smackdown as the Lichtenstein Champion against MVP was actually Johnny Gargano, the Lt Heavyweight Champion for Cleveland All-Pro. I got a message from him on MySpace and he said he did receive some positive feedback from Vince McMahon and some of the guys in the back after his 1-minute squash match. While it may not have looked like much on TV, it was an opportunity for him to open a door. Gargano is a quality wrestler in CAPW and wrestles Zach Gowen on this weeks TV shows....

    I have several comments about my latest 10-Falls interview segment...this week featuring Scarlett Rose. Check it out at or on my MySpace page at in the blog section. Speaking of interviews, Sami Callahan is on the hot seat with Greg Carey on option #3 of the Indy Wrestle Line right now. Sami faces Hillbilly Jed in the first round of EWF's X8 Tournament April 21st in Marion, Indiana

    There are a couple of shows on the calendar for today...

    In Muncie, Indiana, King Kong Bundy will be on the card when IPW-International has a big show at the Horizon Center. Belltime is at 6:30pm. Also on the card you will see Dick the bruiser Jr, Bo Bo Brazil, Jr, Andy Cheyne, Dr Love and many more. General admission tickets are $10 at the door and doors open up at 6pm....

    Also today, New Breed Wrestling Association will be in Danville, Indiana at 3pm

    and the Northern Wrestling Federation will have Fan Appreciation Day at the Expo Center in Wilmington, Ohio with a 3pm belltime...

    NOW let's get into some Saturday results...

    New Era Wrestling was at the Sanctuary of Shelbyville, Indiana last night

    Vortex defeated Drake Younger.

    Louis Rojas defeated Jeremy Hadley

    NEW Lt Heavyweight Champion Troy Van Zant defeated 'Bad Boy' Bobby Black

    Donnie Idol defeated T.J. Kemp and Cousin Cooter. Donnie won the match by rolling T.J. Kemp up

    Marc Houston defeated Damian Cole

    BoBo Brazil Jr. defeated Big Jon Wall in a "flag vs flag" match

    NEW Tag Team Champions Southern Rock defeated Tom Van Zant and Sharkboy

    New Era Wrestling next show is Saturday May 12th at the Sanctuary of Shelbyville, Indiana
    In Marion at the EWF Arena last night

    "Sister" Main Event beat EWF Ladies Champion Destinee Blade and Miss Jeanie in a 3 way to win the title.

    EWF New Era Champion "Indy Kid" Jay West beat Big Richard Cannon

    EWF Midwestern Champion Nate Pheonix beat Fuji Brown

    Locked N' Loaded beat Just Justin & Bob

    EWF Champion Osyris beat Fallen Dragon

    and in the main event Hurricane & Andy Santos beat Hank Calhoun & Damian Michaels in a TLC Match
    NWA Indiana was at the National Guard Armory in Monticello, Indiana

    Devon Fury defeated Louis Linaris

    Guy Lombardo defeated Chris Cardio

    PT Hussla defeated Shawn Cook via disqualification

    Chase Richards & Laurence Poffo defeated Johnny Rich & Kenny Courageous

    Jason Young defeated Itch Coma Weider

    Billy Bart defeated Brandon Krueger

    In the main event PT Hussla & Dick the Bruiser Jr defeated Shawn Cook & Quicksilver

    In Fairfield, Ohio at the UAW Hall it was Northern Wrestling federation action....

    Tri-State Champion Ice defeated Muldoon

    Dr. Melvin Winkleman pinned King Kahuna

    The Crybaby & Austin Meddler were both counted out of the ring

    The Zodiac defeated Christopher Michael Lotus to become the new NWF Unified Champion

    Sin D & Naveah were both disqualified when they attacked the referee

    Stewie Backlund defeated The Genuine Superstar Anthony Bryant

    Pompano Joe pinned T-Money

    Jesse Hyde pinned Nasty Russ

    and the Gauntlet Style Battle Royal ended in a no-contest


    There were a number of other shows last night around Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan that have not reported results as of yet and as we get them today we will post them on, Independents Day section...
    Again If you have any wrestling news, results or information you would like to contribute, I will gladly give you full credit. You can leave it after this report or e-mail me at I am also available on MySpace at my website at
    So join me next weekend for more results, news and information safe and support independent professional wrestling!

    Saturday, March 24, 2007

    Indy Wrestle Line--3/24 Report

    Indy Wrestle Line Independent Update
    317-592-9401 option #1


    Hello everyone and welcome to the Indy Wrestle Line for your Saturday update, I am your weekend warrior Randy Klemme.

    In the coming weeks the Indy Wrestle Line will be featuring the participants of EWF's X8 Tournament on April 21st in Marion, Indiana. The 8 involved will be on the HotSeat on option #3 at 317-592-9401. Right now "Cannonball" Sami Callahan is being interviewed by Greg Carey on option #3 so plan to check it out.

    To Terry in New Castle, Jimmy and Johnny Valiant ARE members of the WWE Hall of Fame. They were inducted back in 1996. As for Jerry Valiant he was not. Jerry I understand lives now in Trafalger, Indiana..

    and I want to thank the caller last week that left some very nice comments about my weekend reports. Honestly we never near the good things people say....most of the time it is the bad things, so when we do hear a very nice comment about the weekend warrior reports, we appreciate it. It makes it seem like we are doing something right. As for your comment about a "Where are they now..." type of feature. I have already started the ball rolling on that as I too have an appreciation for some of the "Old School" wrestlers of yesteryear.

    By all means, if you do have any comments about the reports, good OR bad, please leave them after the report....and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them as well....

    For the last week my 10-Falls interview with "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc has been up on and also on my MySpace page on this weekend the new interview is now up, and that is with independent womens wrestler Scarlett Rose. So plan to check it out this week....

    There are a few shows tonight around Indiana....

    In Shelbyville, Indiana, New Era Wrestling will be at the Sanctuary of Shelbyville, 137 E Washington Street in Shelbyville. TNA Superstar Sharkboy is on the card. Doors open at 6 and belltime is at 7...

    NWA Indiana is at the National Guard Armory in Monticello, Indiana....Doors open at 5 and belltime is at 6pm....On the card you will see "Sexy" Shawn Cook, Itch Coma Weider, Devon Fury, PT Hussla, Guy Lombardo and many others. Tickets are $8 at the door tonight in Monticello...

    EWF is in action at the EWF Arena, 3400 S Adams in Marion featuring a TLC Tag Team Match with Hurricane and Andy Santos taking on Hank Calhoun and Damien Michaels. Belltime is at 7, Doors open at 6 and tickets are $8 at the door

    Midwest Wrestling Connection is in action at Steve's Gym, 916 N Michigan in Elkhart. Doors open at 6:30 and belltime is at 7pm....

    AWA Supreme will have a weekly show at 821 W Main Street in Madison, Indiana. Belltime is at 7:30pm...

    Other midwest shows include Heartland Wrestling Association at Bellbrook High School in Bellbrook, Ohio....

    Northern Wrestling Federation will be at the UAW Hall in Fairfield, Ohio for Fan Appreciation Night starting at 8pm....

    MSPW in Coal City, Illinois starting at 7:30pm....

    NWA-Midwest in Streamwood, Illinois at the Streamwood Park Rec Center starting at 7pm...

    and Moutntain Wrestling Association at the Estill Street Jubilee in Mt Sterling, Kentucky....

    Should also mention that IPW International will be having a big show tomorrow night at 7:30pm with King Kong Bundy on the card at the Horizon Center in Muncie, Indiana...doors open at 6pm....
    Last night at BoneKrusher's in Cinncinnati it was NWF action...

    Nasty Russ pinned The American Eagle

    King Kahuna defeated Dr. Melvin Winkleman

    Tri-State Champion Ice defeated The Warlock

    Tiny Tim defeated Bodacious

    Austin Meddler defeated The Crybaby by count out.

    and In an 8-Man Elimination Match, Jesse Hyde pinned Pompano Joe to earn the #20 spot in the Gauntlet Style Battle Royal tonight in Fairfield, Ohio
    Wednesday night action for Coliseum Championship Wrestling this week in Evansville saw...

    JP Lightning pin Chris Paine

    Hunter Matthews pin "The Killer" Billy Hardway

    Dewey "Booger" Dawson defeated "The Human Weightlifting Machine" Sean Roberts by disqualification

    J Grunge pinned "The New Age Assassin" Tim Renesto

    Viper vs. Tracy Smothers went to a NO CONTEST by countout

    Thanks to Big Lee for those results...

    Classic Championship Wrestling from this past Tuesday night in Louisville, Kentucky saw--

    Biff Wellington III & Nic Noble defeat El Angel De Malo & Matt Back

    Jebediah Blackhawk defeated Guido Andretti

    Lincoln Walker & Matt Maverick won over Elmore & Elma Fudd

    Chris Chaos defeated Dynamite Derrick

    HNIC-(Apollo & JB Thunder) defeated Johnny Spade & The Prophet

    and the match between Kliff Hanger and Vic The Bruiser for the CCW title was stopped by the referee when Vic The Bruiser BROKE the left wrist of Kliff Hanger!!!

    Again If you have any wrestling news, results or information you would like to contribute, I will gladly give you full credit. You can leave it after this report or e-mail me at I am also available on MySpace at my website at
    So join me tomorrow for more results, news and information safe and support independent professional wrestling!

    Friday, March 23, 2007

    First in a series of EWF X8 Interviews-Sami Callahan


    Today was the first in a series of interviews that will be conducted with the participants of EWF's annual X8 tournament. Today The Hotseat's own Greg Carey sat down with X8 participant "Cannonball" Sami Callahan to discuss just what being in this tournament means to him, following previous winners such as "Poison" Apollo Star, Colt Cabana, and Samoa Joe. This is a great interview, and will only be up for a limited time before we move on to the next participant in the X8 tourney, so call The Indy Wrestleline at 317-592-9401, opt. 3 for The Hotseat!

    Thursday, March 22, 2007

    Former WWE Diva Sunny comes to HPW on 4/7/07

    The Original Diva Sunny comes to Hoosier Pro Wrestling on Saturday April 7th at 4-H Fairgrounds in Columbus, IN with a 7:45PM Belltime. Sunny who paved the way for all the Divas will be available for Poloroids, autographs and will be managing a wrestler on the card.

    The former TNA star SINN returns on the 7th also'

    Coliseum Championship Wrestling Results--3/21--Evansville, IN

    JP Lightning pinned Chris Paine

    Hunter Matthews pinned "The Killer" Billy Hardway

    Dewey "Booger" Dawson defeated "The Human Weightlifting Machine" Sean Roberts by disqualification

    J Grunge pinned "The New Age Assassin" Tim Renesto

    Viper vs. Tracy Smothers went to a NO CONTEST by countout

    Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    The Wrestleline Report-Wednesday

    ECW on Sci Fi Results:

    Marcus Cor Von & Kevin Thorn d. Sabu & RVD

    Snitsky d. Mike Towlar

    The Sheik was the next announced inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame

    CM Punk d. Hardcore Holly

    Elijah Burke w/ Matt Stryker d. Tommy Dreamer w/ Sandman

    Bobby Lashley d. Chris Masters

    I got an email from EWF last night stating that former WWE star Al Snow has been signed for Sat. May 19-I'll have more details on this as they become available!

    One of the reasons WWE is not having the ECW One Night Stand ppv at the Hammerstein Ballroom this year is fear of a massive protest from "old school" ECW fans-since this year's ppv will be ECW/RAW/Smackdown One Night Stand. Apparently Stephanie McMahon has been arguing in recent meetings that if Paul Heyman were still with the company, he would have found a way to sabotage the event by starting protests. Dear God, can we say schitzo?

    Kenny Dykstra recently spoke out defending the WWE in the new Sports Illustrated allegations. Dykstra stated that WWE is doing a good job of policing the program and enforcing it, and that if people want to hunt down substance abuse, they should go after body builders.

    Mark Henry apparently has gained quite a bit of weight since being out with an injury. People have stated he looks to be in the 460lb range, while still lists him as being 380. It's being said that he looked pretty immobile in his return match against Daniel Rodimer in OVW a few weeks ago.

    Melina has been told that how she performs at Wrestlemania will be a big determining factor in how her future in WWE will go. She's accepted as the best female personality in the company right now, but has a tremendous amount of heat on her backstage.

    RVD was interviewed recently by the Detroit Press to help push Wrestlemania 23; he discussed his pre-match routine, his relationship with his wife Sonya, and why he doesn't bring her on the road with him, as well as his dream match-working against the original Sheik.

    In the latest issue of WWE Magazine, Matt Hardy was asked about his feelings on Lita no longer being backstage, and he stated that is "a lot less stressful...people don't see what went on behind the camera. It was just a roller-coaster all the time. There were so many feelings involved, and there still are. I'm definitely glad she's not around anymore - out of sight, out of mind." Bob Holly was also interviewed, and asked how he felt about not participating in very many Wrestlemania events, to which he stated "It would bother anybody, especially when you know you have the talent. It's not due to the lack of talent, it's not due to being unpopular with the fans. It's due to somebody somewhere who doesn't like me."

    Apparently BG & Kip James both asked to be released from their TNA contracts a few weeks back so they could sign with WWE, but the company refused to release them.

    Brother Ray has been campaigning backstage in TNA for he and Devon to win the Tag Titles, and that appears to be the plan, although Jeff Jarrett & Dutch Mantel are beginning to become annoyed with him. Ray isn't the most popular guy backstage with the other wrestlers, but Devon & Brother Runt are cool with everybody.


    Al Snow coming to EWF!

    3/21 Breaking News: EWF is proud to announce that former WWE Star AL SNOW has been signed for Saturday Night, May 19th! More details to come.

    Visit us online at

    AIW presents Jake the Snake, Matt Morga, and Elix Skipper Mania Weekend

    Absolute Intense Wrestling presents
    Motor City Deathwish
    Saturday, March 31st
    Taylor Trade Center
    22525 Ecorse Road
    Taylor, MI 48180

    3 pm belltime.

    Tickets - $20 VIP/Front Row, General admission - $12 in advance, $15 day of the show. Tickets currently available at!

    Monday, March 19, 2007

    IWA Mid-South News & Notes

    IWA Mid-South returns to action on Saturday night March 31st

    Don Preston Recreational Center
    14500 Kostner Avenue
    Midlothian, IL 60445

    Belltime 7:30; Doors open at 6:45 p.m.
    Ticket Prices are $20 and $15 - the $10 ticket prices are no longer available so second row and back are general admission seats now

    Main Event - Street Fight - IWA Mid-South World Heavyweight Title Match

    Chuck Taylor vs. Low Ki

    Chuck Taylor called out Low Ki at the Plainfield show on March 2 by calling him a "pussy" and a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" and challenged him to this matchup. Low Ki was livid when he heard these comments and immediately accepted the challenge. Chuck Taylor intentionally got himself DQ'd the last time these two men faced each other but they will be no disqualification in this matchup. Can Chuck live up to his promise of being able to "choke to the throat" among other things on his way to protecting the title or will Low Ki be able to stay unbeaten and add the title to his list of accomplishments since entering IWA Mid-South?

    Last Man Standing
    Drake Younger vs. CJ Otis

    These two former partners have done battle in several matchups of late stemming from Finisher's Matches to Tap Out matches to No Holds Barred matches. This one could be the most brutal of them all as it will be Last Man Standing. Will this match finally crown a decisive winner in this feud? Can Drake Younger use his abilities as Death Match champion to incorporate weapons and hardcore into this matchup to put CJ Otis down for the count? Will CJ be able to use the training of Sabu and Dan Severn to prove his superiority?

    These matches have just been added to the show:

    IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Title Match
    Josh Abercrombie vs. Brandon Thomaselli
    Josh has been the light heavyweight champion for more than a year now and his last defense came against his former partner Brandon Thomaselli. After the match, Brandon turned on his friend and partner and attacked him. Josh is furious and has demanded that he be given an opportunity to beat some respect into the "Impact Bully." Will Josh even the score or will Brandon be able to bring to an end the longest title reign in IWA history?

    Old School vs. New School - Clash of Styles
    Ian Rotten vs. Ricochet
    Some fans have billed Ricochet as a one or two trick pony that has a lot to learn in the ring. Who better to do the teaching than Ian Rotten? Will Ian be able to teach Ricochet a thing or two by stretching him and outwrestling and outbrawling him? Will Ricochet be able to use his speed and quickness to pull out the victory over Ian? Can Ricochet even live to tell his friends about this experience? This could be the most intriguing matchup in quite some time in an IWA ring.

    Strong Style Battle
    Eddie Kingston vs. Ricky Reyes

    Eddie Kingston is returning from his broken ankle and wants to prove that he has not lost a step since winning the Strong Style Tournament even after that serious injury. He will have his work cut out for him against Reyes who is definitely one of the hardest hitters to come into IWA.

    We will not be taking ticket requests for shows anymore without the tickets being paid for in advance. The last few shows have seen many tickets go unclaimed that were held for fans that were supposed to come to the shows. If you want to ensure yourself of front row, you can paypal for the tickets to or mail a check or money order made payable to Mickie Knuckles to:

    IWA Mid-South
    PO BOX 21476
    Louisville, KY 40221

    AWA-Supreme Results--3/17--Madison, IN

    Big & Tasty ("Sweet" William Valentine & "Iron" Mike Trusty) and Crystal Lake defeated the team of Karma, Country Cousin Cooter, and Spazz after Trusty hit Karma with a chain and Lake pinned her.

    Chris Blayze beat Eric Draven by DQ.

    The Knights of the Squared Circle (Nic Noble & Robert Royale) defeated HNIC.

    Eric Draven beat CJ Popp by DQ after The Blackhearts jumped Draven.

    Kamala pinned AWA-Russia Champion Moscow Mauler.

    Mid-America Champion Damien Divine pinned Ricky Ruckus.

    Insane Championship Wrestling Results--3/17









    HCW Results--3/17--Jackson, KY

    HCW - Hardcore Championship Wrestling
    Saturday, March 17th, 2007
    National Guard Armory
    Jackson, Kentucky

    Johnny Jordan won by pin over The Terrorist

    2 Against 3 Handicap match
    "Gorgeous" JC, "Young" Shane Storm and "King" Thomas Lotion III won by pin over "Awesome" Allen Lynch and Deacon Knight
    "Gorgeous" JC scored the pin over Deacon Knight

    HCW International Title Match
    (Champion) "Shootin' Star" Ric Gunner -vrs- JR Roc (with Ginger)
    Referee ruled a Double DQ - No Winner

    Winner Gets A HCW Title Shot In The Main Event
    The American Eagle won by pin over "Mr. Show Time" Shawn Christopher

    HCW World Title Match
    (HCW Champion) Billy Maverick won when the Referee reversed his decision over (Challenger) The American Eagle
    Billy Maverick retains the HCW Title.

    MWA Results--3/17--Mt Sterling, KY

    MWA - Mountain Wrestling Association
    Saturday, March 17th, 2007
    Estill Street Jubilee
    Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

    Cody Mathews and "Rooster" Ronnie Green defeated Rick Santel and (MWA Kentucky Champion) Tuffy

    Shayne Parker defeated "Mr. Extreme" Tommy Gunn

    MWA Heavyweight Title Match
    (Champion) Kelly Charles defeated "The Driller" Eddie Browning

    Kasey Kaos and James Clough defeated "Steele Smooth" ("Big" Al Steele & Chucky Smooth)

    "The Star Stud" defeated (MWA Kentucky Champion) Tuffy in a non-title match

    MWA Results--3/16--Richmond, KY

    MWA - Mountain Wrestling Association
    Friday, March 16th, 2007
    National Guard Armory
    Richmond, Kentucky

    Stewie Backlund defeated The Patriot

    Shayne Parker defeated "Iron Man" Cody Mathews

    "Done Deal" (Dick Dalton & Kasey Kaos) and "The Star Stud" won by pin over "Steele Smooth" ("Big" Al Steele & Chucky Smooth) and Jay-Ten Lyons

    "The Star Stud" pinned Jay-Ten Lyons

    Ray "The Bear" Steele and Rick Santel defeated "Honest" Donnie Green and "Mr. Extreme" Tommy Gunn

    MWA Heavyweight Title Match:
    Kelly Charles defeated "The Driller" Eddie Browning

    Colt Steele and Izzy 4 Reel won by pin over Roger Ruffen and (NWF Champion) Ryan Stone
    Izzy 4 Reel pinned Roger Ruffen

    Sunday, March 18, 2007

    Fight Sports Midwest Results--3/17--Portage, IN


    CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI def. TANK after a springboard European uppercut off the 2nd rope.

    MsCHIF def. ANN BROOKSTONE & MICKIE KNUCKLES in a three-way elimination match to retain the NWA World Women's Title.

    Tag Team Gauntlet Series





    e. VITO & SAL THOMASELLI def. TRIK DAVIS & BILLY ROC to win Tag Team Gauntlet Series.


    HYDRA def. "Old Timer" JEFF KING.

    BRYAN ALVAREZ wrestled "Sweet & Sour" LARRY SWEENEY to a no contest after a double pin.


    SAMOA JOE def. "The Last of a Dying Breed" EDDIE KINGSTON via chokeout in a very hard hitting main event contest.

    NOTES: Attendance was roughly 250 for this debut event for the new organization.... FSM returns to Portage on 5/11 with Tiger Mask IV vs. "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush and Low Ki vs. Alex Shelley already announced...

    Indy Wrestle Line--3/18 Report

    Indy Wrestle Line Independent Update
    317-592-9401 option #1


    Hello everyone and welcome to the Indy Wrestle Line for your Sunday update, I am your weekend warrior Randy Klemme.

    Want to first send a couple of shout outs to people celebrating birthdays this week....Indy star Matt Sydal will be celebrating a birthday tomorrow and my friend Cousin Cooter Clampett celebrates his birthday on Friday of this week and I am sure there's going to be a big ol hoedown in Kentucky....

    Also want to send a big hello out to Kenny up in Peru, Indiana. He sent me a message on MySpace and said he was a big fan of and Indy Wrestle Line....Also Big Lee down in Evansville, who contributes to my reports almost weekly, Terry in New Castle and also to Michael C. Rogers in New Albany. I am sorry Michael, I won't be able to make the TNA show in Lousiville. I know you have been looking hard for some old WCW tapes. We already mentioned Lee's Video Library on Ohio Avenue in Anderson. I looked around and you can also find a few on and also at I have a large selection of video tapes myself and went to look and found almost all of the Starcarde, Clash of the Champions series, the Crockett Cup tag tourney and one thing that is REAL sweet. All of these were VCR recorded and at the very end of all of these tapes are probably the best gems. I found some old matches from the old Georgia Championship Wrestling and also when they converted to World Championship Wrestling on TBS with Gordon Solie, David Crockett, Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross. I knew I kept those tapes for a reason. They almost drew a tear when I found them....

    Speaking of TNA, tickets for the TNA Show Friday, April 20th at the Louisville Gardens went on sale yesterday at the Gardens and at ticketmaster. Tickets are $50 for Gold Circle ringside which includes a meet-n-greet, $22 and $17. At last check, the best two-ticket package available is 7th row ringside which are $22 tickets. Apparently all Gold Circle Tickets have been sold....

    A few tickets still remain for tomorrow night's WWE Raw at Conseco Fieldhouse. Ticketmaster has some limited view upper level corner seats still available. I think I'll watch it from the living room-thanks.....

    ANYWAY, Want to let everyone know that my "10-Falls" Interview with "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc is now up on the in the Independents Day section. It is my best 10-question interview to date with a great guy and a great wrestler. So plan to check it out....
    NOW, let's get to those all important results as two more qualified last night for the EWF X8 tournament in Marion next month as EWF had a big show last night at the EWF Arena. Here are the results...

    Louis Linaris beat Ryan Rich

    Fuji Brown beat Damian Michaels

    Camron Star took on Miss Jeanie and it ended in a no contest when Sami Callihan interfered

    Sami Callihan beat Ali Bumaya

    Jake Omen beat Chance Laredo in an X8 qualifying match

    Hillbilly Jed beat Fallen Dragon in an X8 qualifying match

    After the match, Sami Callihan stormed down to the ring and confronted Jed saying he was unworthy of being apart of X8. The men had to be pulled apart by the locker room. Hurricane announces that Sami Callihan will face Hillbilly Jed in the first round of the X8. I hate interjecting personal comments, but speaking from experience, I believe Mr Callahan's mouth wrote a check last night that his butt can't cash, and should stand warned for what he will be in for at the X8 tourney...

    Hurricane beat Hank Calhoun in a green beer chugging contest

    Bob & Wildman Rogers beat Locked N' Loaded

    Frank Stein beat Just Justin w/ Destinee Blade

    Nate Pheonix defeated Big Richard Cannon to win the EWF Midwestern title

    and EWF Champion Osyris defeated Dark Lion in a no dq, no count out match

    EWF is back in action next Saturday at the EWF Arena.
    From Big Lee down in Evansville....All American Wrestling Federation was in action in Fort Branch, Indiana

    JP Lightning pinned El Diablo

    Johnnie Watts and Corvin both pin Drake Graven and Shank The Clown

    Death Psi pinned Honky Tonk Kid

    Jasper Jones pinned Johnnie Watts
    after the match, another referee "Nate Richie" comes out to show the first referee that Jasper used a foreign object to beat Watts, Watts wins by reverse disqualification

    AWF TAG TEAM Champions Tempest and "The Killer" Billy Hardway "formerly Billy Junk" defeated The Pretty Boys "Prince Charming and Mr. Sunshine"

    and in the MAIN EVENT AWF HEAVYWEIGHT champion Fury pinned "The Cowboy From Hell" Havoc

    NWF was in action at the National Guard Armory in Walton, Kentucky last night...

    Freaks & Geeks (Austin Meddler & Dr. Melvin Winkleman) defeated King Kahuna & Muldoon to become the new NWF Tag Team Champions.

    NWF Tri-State Champion Ice defeated The Genuine Superstar Anthony Bryant in a match with special guest referee Tiny Tim.

    "Tennesse Boy" Donnie Greene defeated Stewie Backlund by DQ when Greene pretended that Backlund hit him with the Tennesse flag.

    Jesse Hyde, Pompano Joe, & Unified Champion Christopher Michael Lotus defeated Nasty Russ, T-Money, and The Crybaby.

    "Wildcat" Chris Harris defeated Mr. Hayes.

    Angel defeated NWF Champion Ryan Stone by DQ when The Bomb Rob Williams interfered

    NWF will be back in action Friday night at BoneKrushers in Cincinnati and again on Saturday for Fan Appreciation night at the UAW Hall in Fairfield, Ohio. Both shows have an 8pm belltime...
    New Era Wrestling was in action last night at Spears Gym in Mt Healthy, Ohio...

    Mitch Gibson defeated Nick LeBeau by disqualification

    DJ Tom Sharp defeated Apollyon

    NEW Tag Team Champions The Rebellion successfully defended their tag team titles against Rojo Diablo and Malice

    Dewey Brown defeated "Bulldog" Garf Redman by disualification

    Nikita Allanov defeated Brad Callaway, Jay Donaldson, and Tim Lutz in the main event "four corners" mach for the vacant NEW Heavyweight Championship.

    There were also shows last night in Madison, Indiana, and also Mt Sterling and Bardstown, Kentucky and as we get results from those and any other shows that also took place yesterday, we will post them on Independents Day section...

    A reminder, Mick Foley will be in Indianapolis today at the Walmart at 7325 N Keystone to sign copies of his new book "Hardcore Diaries" starting at 2pm and Ashley Massaro will be signing copies of Playboy on tomorrow from 11-1 at Books-A-Million, 5750 West 85th Street in Indianapolis. The WWE's Road to Wrestlemania Tour makes a stop in Valparaiso today at Valparaiso University...

    There are several other shows next week and we invite you to call the Indy Wrestle Line and check out option #2 for the complete list of events with Marcus A. Fine and get all of the show details. There are Saturday shows in Muncie, Indiana with King Kong Bundy....Shelbyville, Indiana with TNA Star Shark Boy...also Marion, Elkhart, Monticello and Madison, Indiana....

    also Call back and check out this week's hotseat interview as EWF Heavyweight Champion Osyris talks with Adam Simmons on option #3 of the Indy Wrestle Line at 317-592-9401...

    If you have any wrestling news, results or information you would like to contribute, I will gladly give you full credit. You can leave it after this report or e-mail me at I am also available on MySpace at my website at

    So join me next weekend for more results, news and information from the world of independent professional safe and support independent professional wrestling!