Friday, February 29, 2008

OVW Results from Charlestown, IN

OVW - Ohio Valley Wrestling
Friday Night, February 29th 2008
Charlestown Civic Center
Charlestown, Indiana

First Match: One-On-One Match:
Drew McIntyre defeated Scott Cardinal with the flatliner

Second Match: One-On-One Match:
Erik Doom defeated Lupe Viscara by rolling him up and holding onto the tights for the win

Third Match: One-On-One Match:
Stu Sanders defeated Andrew Vain with the big boot to the face

Fourth Match: Women's Tag Team Match:
"Solid Gold Diva" Melody and Reggie defeated "OVW's Women Champion" Josie and Roucka

Fifth Match: One-On-One Match:
Johnny "The Winner" Punch defeated Vladimir Kozlov

Sixth Match: OVW Southern Tag Team Title Match:
Los Locos defeated The Insurgency to retain the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles

Seventh Match: 5 Minute Challenge Match
Ted "The Trailer" McNailer aka Manbeat defeated Justin 'The OX' LaRoche in 4 minutes and 30 seconds

Eighth Match: Eight-Man Tag Team Match:
Anthony Bravado, Charles "The Hammer" Evans, Jamin Olivencia, and Matt Sydal defeated Jay Bradley, ECW's James Curtis, Mike Kruel, and Shawn Spears when Matt Sydal hit Jay Bradley with the Shooting Sydal Press.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

OVW TV Taping Results (Final Show with WWE Talent)

Dark Matches:

(1) Josie d. Katie Les to win the OVW Womens Title.

(2) Chris Cage d. Jaden "Johnny" Jeter.

(3) JD Michaels d. Lupe Viscara.

(4) CM Punk & Colt Cabana d. Domino & Skyfire.


(1) Johny Punch d. Drew McIntyre to end his 123 match losing streak.

(2) Los Locos d. Paul Burchill & Stu Sanders, The Mobile Homers and The Insurgancy to win the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles.

(3) Anthony Bravado d. Justin LaRouche.

(4) Charles Evans & Matt Sydal d. Vladmir Koslov & Mike Kruel.

(5) Colt Cabana d. Shawn Spears to end his career.

(6) Nick Dinsmore d. Jay Bradley to retain the OVW Title.

IWL#2 Upcoming Shows (2-28-08)

Hello Wrestling Fans, it is Thursday, February 28, 2008, and I am “Your Indiana Wrestling Reporter & Photographer”, Marcus A. Fine:

Now before I begin, you need to make sure to call back and check out option #3, as Rodney Rush has in the hot seat non other than Sami Callihan, who will be taking part in this w/e IPW show. You don’t want to miss this one.

Well, the first Saturday of the Month is in a few days, and you know what that means, a ton of shows to choose from through out the great state of Indiana, so lets get started with the list:

Well of course I am sure that everyone knows that Vince McMahon and the WWE are invading the state with 3 different shows. On Saturday, March 1st, they will be at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne – March 2nd at Ball State in Muncie – March 3rd at Conseco Field House when Monday Night Raw comes to Indianapolis. For any information on these shows, you will need to contact Ticket Master.
Hoosier Pro Wrestling presents
Saturday March 1st
HPW Arena located at the 4-H Fairgrounds
Columbus, IN
Belltime 7:45pm Doors Open at 6:45pm
Tickets $12 Adults - $9 Kids 10 & Under - 3 & under free










Insanity Pro Wrestling

Saturday, March 1, 2008
Fountain Square Salvation Army Community Center
1337 S Shelby Street
Indianapolis, IN
Doors Open 6:00 PM, Bell Time 7:00 PM
Admission $12.00 Kids 10 and Under $7.00




*** IPW vs ROH ***



vs RYAN RICH & (partner of his choosing)

Again:Make sure to call option #3 to hear a Rodney Rush conduct a fantastic interview with non other than Sami Callihan.
THIS SATURDAY - March 1, 2008 7:30 PM bell time

EWF Arena
3400 S. Adams
Marion, IN

Scheduled to appear:

EWF Champion Big Ric Cannon, Midwestern Champion Bob, New Era Champion Just Justin, Nate Phoenix, Charles Jackson, Hank Calhoun, Mike King w/ Party Boy, Andy Santos, Dylan Bostic, Matt Cavins, Locked N' Loaded, & more to be announced!

Tickets are only $8 and can be purchased at the door
Awa Supreme Championship wrestling returns to the SCW building, located at 821 W. Main in Madison, Indiana. Bell Time is 7:30, and tickets are just $5.

Match Signed:

Vito Andretti vs. “Rough Tough” Jimmy Clough in a Street Fight.
Platinum Pro Wrestling presents “Live the Dream” and it will take place at Ryan’s Irish Pub located at 401 Franklin Square in Michigan City Indiana. Bell time is 7:00PM, and tickets are $10 in Advance and $12 at the Door. There will be a tournament to crown a new PPW Heavyweight Champion.
XCW Wrestling Midwest has a show on Tuesday, March 4th at the National Guard Armory in New Albany, Indiana. Their show is title “Legends of the Louisville Gardens” and what few general admission tickets are left, if any, are $15. and can be obtained by calling THE XCW OFFICE 812-987-3391!













So there you have it fans, a lot of big shows to choose from.

I should be back on Tuesday with results from most of these shows.

If anyone has anything for me, leave it after the beep, or drop me a line at

So until Tuesday, This has been “Your Indiana Wrestling Reporter & Photographer” Marcus A. Fine. Thanks for calling the Indy Wrestle Line, and I hope to see you out supporting Indiana Pro Wrestling.

Monday, February 25, 2008

IWL#2 Results & some ideas on booking a show

IWL#2 Results & some ideas on booking a show

Hello Wrestling Fans and welcome back to Option #2 of the Indy Wrestle Line. It is Monday, February 25th, and I am “Your Indiana Wrestling Reporter & Photographer, Marcus A. Fine.

I would first like to thank Bigfreaky for calling and leaving a couple messages about his take on the workings of the Indy Wrestling scene. Very interesting comments, I enjoy listening to what you have to say. He also wanted to know why I do what I do when it comes to Indiana Pro Wrestling, and due to time restraints, I will have to save that for another day.

Then I also wanted to thank Dylan Bostic for his comments, and yes Mr. Bostic, I do have three photos for you. If you wish to leave me a message with your email address, or however you wish for me to get these to you, that would greatly be appreciated.

Okay, now here are the results from the EWF show held this past Saturday in Marion, Indiana:

Osyris beat Mike King

Ryan Rich beat Virus

Whipme Spearz beat D.K.J.

Niko Kilauea beat Justin Andrews

Hillbilly Jed & Joey Owens beat Appollo Star and Drew Johnson by DQ to retain the EWF Tag Team Titles

Charles Jackson beat Wildman Rogers by DQ

New Era Champion Just Justin beat Drake Younger by count out

Bob beat Dark Lion to become the new Midwestern Champion

That is all the results I have from this past weekend.

Now, as promised, here are some of my ideas on ways to help book a successful wrestling show. Now again, I know I am not a promoter or wrestler and never have been or ever will be. I am also fully aware there is a lot more to this, these are just some of my thoughts on the process of booking a show. I have seen a lot of shows over the years, and these are a combination of what works at these shows. This is for entertainment purposes only; I am in no way trying to council anyone on how to run a show.. So with that in mind, here they are:

1) Have your show on Friday night. There are very few federations that actually run on Friday. When they do, they are highly successful. EWF has shows every Saturday, and do really well. But it seems to me that they have larger crowds when they run on Friday. Same thing with WCWO, their Friday shows are huge successes. Since no one else is running, you have tons of workers wanting to be on your show. People get off work and want to unwind after a busy week, they can go to wrestling on Friday, and then have the weekend to do other things, or even go to another show on Saturday, and then some weeks, Sunday also. You will never be in conflict with someone else’s show.

2) Have 7 matches on your card. 2 tag team, 4 singles, and 1 specialty match like a battle royal, 3 way dance or 4 way elimination match. Always have a strong main event and then a secondary strong match. Always put the main event last (obviously), and put the secondary strong match at match #4, right before the intermission. If you have a battle royal, make it last longer than 3 minutes, and don’t have it end so abruptly. I have seen battle royals go for 5 minutes, and then all of a sudden, bodies start flying out of the ring like it exploded, and poof, the winner is declared. This is so unrealistic, several people are fighting each other, it needs to be realistic. Never put a title on the line in a three way or four way match. Championships should be determined 1 on 1 or team on team. Also, I feel that the champion is just that, the top wrestler in your federation. Show some respect for that belt and don’t be passing it around like it has a fungus on it. Let the champ hold the belt for a while. I feel that it cheapens the belt when on a show you crown a new champ, two shows later, you crown someone else, then some one else, and by the end of the year, you have ran 12 shows and had 5 champions. The champion is the guy that is the best, so have him look the best by having him hold onto that belt for awhile. I also feel that every singles match that the champion is in, the belt is on the line. I don’t believe in “non title matches”. The champ needs to take on everyone, and defend his belt against whoever he faces.

3) Advertise your show, and not just by word of mouth. You can make a quality flyer and get tons of them made at a printing place for $50. Then what you do is go to every bar and liquor store in town and surrounding areas and post your flyers there. They will be seen. Then with the rest, round up 4 or 5 high school students with a driver’s license and a car, hand them several flyers and a few ticket to the show, and have them post them wherever they can get them. Make sure you have at least one female doing this, because then you can get them posted in both locker rooms of the local schools. That way, when they guys see the poster, they will want to go see wrestling. When the girls see the poster, they will want to go see wrestlers. So it would be beneficial to have a great looking wresters that will be working the show pictured on the flyer. Trust me, this works. To prove it, next time you are at a show, look around; you will see two to ten teenage girls sitting in a group. They are there to see the wrestlers. Then during intermission, when the workers come out to sign autographs and such, you will see these girls hanging around the ring.

4) Put your newest workers to the sport in the first match or the 3 way dance. Your first match should always be the weakest match of the night. You don’t want it to overshadow any other match on the show. Then put your second weakest match at match #5, right after intermission. That way, you can build on both parts of the show. Start out slow with match #1, have it progressively get better and better. By match #4, your secondary strong match, the crowd is really into what is going on. Then go to intermission to give them a break, and start the process over again when they return. By the end of the main event, they are so wound up; they just can’t wait for your next show.

5) Never run a marathon show, and put a lot of stuff onto the fans. 2 ½ hours is a decent amount of time to attend a wrestling event. Anything longer bores the fans. If you start your show at 7:30, then it would be done by 10:00. That is sufficient amount of time. Then on the other hand, don’t rush your show. One time I attended a show that took me over an hour to get there. Bell time was suppose to be 7, but didn’t happen until 7:20. They have 3 quick matches, and then it was intermission, at 7:40. We got back in our seats at 7:55, two more quick matches, and by 8:15, the show was over. So this promoter’s show took just one hour to complete. Needless to say, I had words with the guy about this, and didn’t go back for over a year.

Well, that is about all I have for now, since time is running out. Again, I hope I didn’t bore anyone with this. Just some things I have gathered over the years that seem to work.

Don’t forget that Coliseum Championship Wresting has their weekly show on Wednesday night down at the Memorial Coliseum in Evansville Indiana. The building is located at 300 Court St., bell time is 8:00PM Central Time, and tickets are $10.

Also Ohio Valley Wrestling is having a show Charleston, Indiana this Friday at the Charleston Civic Center, located at 150 Steve Hamilton Dr, Bell Time is 7:30, and tickets are just $5.00

My email address is if anyone has anything for me, and also you can leave a message.

So until Friday, this has been “Your Indiana Wrestling Reporter & Photographer” Marcus A. Fine, Thanks for calling the Indy Wrestle Line and I hope to see you out supporting Indiana Pro Wrestling.

Friday, February 22, 2008

IWL#2 Upcoming Shows and Commentary 2/22/08

Hello wrestling fans, thanks for calling option #2 of the Indy Wrestle Line. It is Friday, February 22nd, and I am “You Indiana Wrestling Reporter & Photographer” Marcus A. Fine

I would first like to thank all the people who have called and left messages, from welcome back to upcoming show information, it is greatly appreciated.

Now onto the report:

The Extreme Wrestling Federation returns to action this Saturday, February 23rd at the EWF Arena, Located at 3400 S. Adams St. in Marion, Indiana. Bell Time is 7:30, and tickets are just $8.00. At the EWF this weekend, you will see: The Dark Lion defend his Midwestern Title against “The Real Deal” Bob, Hillbilly Jed & Joey Owens will defend their Tag Belts against Locked N’ Loaded’s Skip Raddison & Rob Kincaid, Andy Santos will take on Dylan Bostic, The Dance Off between Hurricane & Party Boy, plus you could also see: New Era Champion Just Justin, "The Soul Shooters" Drew Johnson & Appollo Starr, Nate Phoenix, Charles Jackson, Niko Kilauea, Justin Andrews, Damian Michaels w/ Destiny Payne, Hank Calhoun, & Mike King w/ Party Boy.

Then down in Madison, Indiana, AWA Supreme is back in action at the SCW Building, located at 821 W. Main St. Bell Time is 7:30, and tickets are just $5.00

Then the United States Wrestling Promotions is having a show this Saturday at the Expo Hall in Connersville, Indiana. Bell Time is 7:15, and tickets are $8 for adults and kids 12 and under are $6. Matches already signed: Reaper will take on Triple A, Lord Haydes w/ Ref. Grimm will go up against Havok, Rob Kincaid & Skip Raddison will take on Chris Morgan & Matt Vengence, and the Main Event will be a Connersville Street Fight between Riot and Victor Burns. You could also see: Brad Mayhem, Johnny Chaotic, Augila Rojo, Gabriel, and J-Ice.

(I would like to thank Randy Klemme for sending me the flyer for this show)

Then Bigfreaky asked that I announce this show:

Absolute Intense Wrestling is having a show and it is called, AIW Gauntlet for the Gold 3 , Sunday Night, February 24th, VIP – 6:00PM, Doors – 6:30PM, BELL TIME 7:15PM , UAW Local 1250 -- 17250 Hummel Rd., Brook Park , OHIO, Tickets: VIP/Front Row $15 in advance, $17 at the door, General Admission $10 in advance, $12 at the door.


1.Sterling James Keenan
2. Dios Salvador
3. Matt "MDogg20" Cross
4. Eric Ryan
5. Hobo Joe
6. Luis Diamante
7. TJ Dynamite
8. Rebis
9. Johnny Gargano
10. Mad Man Pondo
11-29 ????????
30. Dios Salvador

JOHNNY GARGANO VS. JOSH PROHIBITION -- "THE PANTHER" TYRONE EVANS SAYS GOOD-BYE (heading to the WWE) -- CHRIS CRONUS vs. Mystery Opponent, and Cronus CLAIMS HE WILL 'HURT SOMEBODY' -- MATT "MDOGG20" CROSS vs. MATTHEW JUSTICE ---NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS FOR THE AIW TAG TITLES will be DECIDED (With both of their partners unable to make this event, representing the Switchblade Saints, Matt Riot will battle 1/2 Of The AIW Tag Champs, Nick Belushi. If Matt is able to beat Nick, The Saints will be declared No. 1 Contenders for the belts.) Hailey Hatred will debut at AIW -- AND MUCH MORE!


And that is all I have for shows for this w/e. Now, a little commentary on my part. Bigfreaky asked my opinion on how I feel about promoters booking and then canceling shows. Now before I begin, let it be known that I am fully aware that I am NOT a wrestling promoter or wrestler, and never have been. These are just my ideas, as I see it from attending all the events that I have over the years. So here we go:

I feel that promoters need to be professional when it comes to booking and advertising shows. I feel that promoters need to learn from their mistakes, and make changes where needed. They need to do their homework, to make sure that everything will work out the way it needs to, BEFORE they announce a show. If something comes up and a show must be canceled, fine, it happens. But don’t make a habit of booking shows and then canceling them because something always came up. I feel that 2 strikes and your out is the rule of thumb. If you are relying on gate receipts to fund your event, then you need to forget the event altogether. You also need to check out every avenue to make sure that the date you wish to book the show is going to work out. Make sure there are sporting events, concerts, the Super Bowl, World Series, or a major holiday, just to name a few, that will prevent or keep people from attending you show. You should also make sure that another promoter is not running a show within 50 miles or so from you. Have respect for the other promoters, because face it, you are all in this together. Have the money up front to pay for everything, Building, workers, ect. Then the revenue you make off the event is a bonus. Yes, you could loose your shirt, but that is the price to pay. Advertise your event, well in advance. Pay your workers. Have your ducks in a row before you advertise that event. Don’t screw the fans. A lot of fans look forward to wrestling events weeks before they happen. Don’t let the fans down because you, the promoter screwed up.

Then I was asked about “green wrestlers”. I have a lot of respect for all wresters, as long as they got the heart to do what they are doing, and work their butts off to master their craft. Every wrestler that ever stepped into the squared circle was green at on time. Mistakes will be made, and that is why practice is necessary. But even the veterans make mistakes from time to time. That is not a reason to dog and belittle them for it, it happens. Now back to training, I not just talking practicing in a training facility with your trainer and training buddies. That is beneficial, but being in front of a live crowd is a whole new ball game. Rookies need to get as much ring time as they can. Get booked on as many shows as you can. Get the practice you need in front of a crowd, and you will improve. You need to get the feel of a live crowd, and the environment in which you are working. I have attended wrestling events all over the state. Wrestling Fans are different from town to town, promotion to promotion, venue to venue. You need to adapt to all these environments. Also, wrestling rings are different from promoter to promoter. They may be softer, harder, bigger, smaller, have loose ropes, have really tight ropes. So as you can tell, you need to experience different situations, and know how to adapt accordingly. Also, you need to dress like a wrestler. This is a job, and your wrestling gear is your uniform. I think it weakens the quality of the show when wrestlers are allowed to wrestle in cut off jeans and tennis shoes. Have pride in what you do. Now as I have said before, I am no promoter or wrestler and never have been. These are strictly my ideas, and I may be way off base, but this is the way I see it. I also hope that I didn’t bore any of you and that you knew where I was coming from, and that I just wasn’t out in left field rambling on about nothing.

Now I should be back on Monday, February 25th with the results from these shows. I should have time, and I would like to pass along my ideas for putting together a quality wrestling show at that time as well.

Please remember that if you have anything for me, such as comments, questions, concerns, or show info, please leave your message after the beep, or drop me a line at

So until Monday, this has been “Your Indiana Wrestling Reporter and Photographer”, Marcus A. Fine, Thanks for calling the Indy Wrestle Line, and I hope to see you out supporting Indiana Pro Wrestling.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Newest Member reveled as "The Uprising" attack "The Beast" Brian Roberts

Sunday night, February 15th, as the Co-Owner of the newly formed BMF Wrestling Alliance: "The Beast" Brian Roberts was getting the last minute touches put together before the show started, Jeremy "Warfare" Hadley & Luis Rojas, better known as "The Uprising" came out of nowhere and attacked him. As ring announcer Diamond Dan was calling for security to come and break up the fight, "The Uprising" force "The Beast" into the ring.

"The Beast" finally gets the upper hand, and as he pounds on Luis Rojas, (shown here), Jeremy Hadley leaves the ring, and his partner.
But where did Hadley go? Did he leave his partner to dodge the wrath of the angry "Beast".
NO, he went and got the newest member of "The Uprising", "The Venom" Matt Valor. Valor hits Roberts so hard in the back of the head with a running forearm, that Valor almost runs right thru the ropes on the other side of the ring. (center photo). As "The Uprising" choke out Roberts with a chair, Kenneth James and Justin Frost make the save. "The Beast" then announces that later in the night, Jeremy Hadley and Luis Rojas WOULD face Kenneth James and Justin Frost.

Jeremy Hadley & Luis Rojas vs. Justin Frost & Kenneth James

Here are photos of the match that took place in Lafayette, Indiana on February 17th, 2008 at the BMF Wrestling Alliance Show. The match is between Jeremy "Warfare" Hadley and Luis Rojas against Justin Frost and Kenneth James. The match is a result of the attack on "The Beast" Brian Roberts at the hands of "The Uprising":
Here we see Kenneth James and Luis Rojas blocking each other's punches as their tag partners look on.
Jeremy Hadley comes down on Justin Frost as his partner, Luis Rojas holds him in place. Jeremy Hadley is choking Justin Frost on the ropes with his knee as Referee Greg Lake is trying to get the hold broken.

The third and newest member of "The Uprising", "The Venom" Matt Valor runs in to save his partners from tapping out to Kenneth James and Justin Frost. James and Frost win the match via DQ. After the match, Valor, Hadley, and Rojas continue to beat up on James and Frost, until "The Beast" Brian Roberts enters the ring with a sledge hammer and runs them off.

Justin Frost, Brian Roberts, & Kenneth James are wound up knowing that next month, they will get of face all three members of "The Uprising". That match will take place on Sunday, March 16th at Reihle Bros. (2270 Concord Rd., Lafayette, IN).

Friday, February 15, 2008

Indy Wrestle Line Option #2 (2-15-2008) Report

Hello wrestling fans and thanks for calling option #2 of the Indy Wrestle Line. I am your host, the returning Indiana Pro Wrestling Reporter Marcus A. Fine.

Now before I begin my report, I would first like to thank Adam for allowing me to come back to the Indy Wrestle Line, and also to Randy, Robert, Rodney, and Greg for sharing their airtime with me.

Now callers, things are going to be a little different than what you are use to or what I have done in the past. What Randy did on this option was outstanding work. He not only covered Indiana, but the surrounding states. Since I am only familiar with Indiana Wrestling, that is all that I will be covering, unless I have a wrestler, promoter, or caller from a neighboring state that wishes that I promote a show. So if you wish for me to announce a show or results from a show outside of Indiana, please leave your information after the tone, or drop me a line at:, and I will me more than happy to pass that information along.

So with that in mind, off to this weeks scheduled wrestling events:

Frist off, the NEW FOCUS WRESTLING show that was scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 15th at the CK Newsome Center in Evansville has been cancelled due to all the bad weather.

Now the NATIONAL WRESTLING COALITION has a show at the Community Center in Fairbanks, Indiana on Sat. Feb. 15th with a 7:30pm belltime. Scheduled to appear: NWC heavyweight champion Brandon Walker, Sean Chambers, Homicidal Steven Davis, Vulcan, Cousin Leroy, Edmund "Livewire" McGuire, Aaron "Hollister" Holly, NNWC cruiserweight champion Curt Braddock, JP Lightning, JC Blade, and Brooklyn Bob.

Okay, next we have FIRE PRO WRESTLING which is having a show at the Impact Christian Church in Merrillville, IN. On this show will be former WWE Superstar and the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion, The Honky Tonk Man. I would like to thank Louis Linaris for this information.

Then down in Madison Indiana, SUPREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING has a show at 821 W. Main with a 7:30 belltime. One match already signed, you will see “Custom Made” Nic Noble take on “The Super Beast” Rob Royale in a Lumberjack Strap Match, which should be both interesting, and entertaining to watch.

Then we head up to Marion Indiana to the EXTREME WRESTLING FEDERATION has a huge show scheduled for this Saturday at the EWF Arena, located at 3400 S. Adams St. Now at the EWF Arena this week, you will see, former WWE Star Zach Gowen taking on “The Real Deal” Bob, for the New Era Title, Just Justin will be defending his belt against Jimmy Jacobs, plus you also see in action, Tag Champions Hillbilly Jedd & Joey Owens, Midwestern Champion Dark Lion, Nate Phoenix, Dylan Bostic, Jake Omen, Scotty Young, Gavin Starr, Keith Creme, Andy Santos, Charles Jackson, Senior Flamer, & Mike King w/ Party Boy. Tickets for this event are $12 VIP Ringside and $10 GA. Bell time will be 7:30

Then we head down to Greensburg as WILD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING OUTLAWS is back in action this Saturday at the Parks Center, which is located on the corner of Lincoln and North St. Their belltime is 7:00pm. All your WCWO stars will be in action.

Then last but not least, on Sunday, the BMF Wrestling Alliance is back in action up in Lafayette at Riehle Bros. on that patio, located at 2270 Concord Road with a 6:00PM Bell Time. Tickets are just $5.00, and a list of the matches are as follows: Justin Andrews v. Niko Kilauea, TJ Kemp v. Laurence Poffo, Kenneth James & Justin Frost v. Luis Rojas & Jeremy Hadley, Jamie Crisis v. Louis Linaris, Bret Havoc v. Billy Bart, Marc Houston v. Sexy Shawn Cook, & Billy Roc & PT Hustla v. Kenny Courageous & D'von Fury.

So there you have it. A lot of shows to choose from. Now I should be back on here Monday or Tuesday with the results from some or all of these shows.

Now if anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, you can leave them after the tone, or drop me a line at, but please remember, I am no Randy Klemme, and I will answer your questions the best I can, but I can not guarantee an answer since I don’t have a lot of the resources that Randy does. But go ahead and ask, and I will see what I can scrounge up.

So until next time, this has been your Indiana Wrestling Reporter Marcus A. Fine, thanks for calling the Indy Wrestle Line, and I hope to see you out supporting Indiana Wrestling.

Monday, February 11, 2008

MWA Results 2/9

MWA - Mountain Wrestling Association
Saturday, February 9th, 2008
Estill Street Jubilee
Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

Before the MWA Show began, Kelly Charles was stripped of the MWA Kentucky Title.
The Main Event would be a Battle Royal to crown the NEW MWA Kentucky Champion.

Match #1: Bobby Green won by pin over JT Snow


Match #2: Iron Fitness (Cody Mathews & "Mean" Mike Strong)
defeat the team of
Rob Valor & Johnny Mo' Money


Match #3: "Lone Wolf" Bobby Blade wins by DQ over "Rooster" Ronnie Green


Match #4: Chucky Smooth wins by pin over "The Driller" Eddie Browning


Match #5: Battle Royal For The Kentucky Title

"Last Two Men"
"Honest" Donnie Green defeated Eddie Browning

NEW MWA Kentucky Champion: "Honest" Donnie Green

Gen-X Wrestling Results 2/7

Gen-X Wrestling
Thursday, February 7th, 2008
Carl D. Perkins Center
Morehead, Kentucky

Andy Douglas of The Naturals was on hand signing autographs
and hanging out with the Gen-X Fans.

Match #1: Steel Smooth ("Big" Al Steele & Chucky Smooth)
defeating the team of
The Ivy League (Preston Romans III & David Romans)


Match #2: "Hosscat" Big Henry won by DQ over Jack Black


Match #3: Gen-X Breaker Title Match

(Challenger) Lincoln Walker wins by pin over "The Driller" Eddie Browning

NEW Gen-X Breaker Champion: Lincoln Walker


Match #4: Gen-X Tag Team Title Match

(Champions) Colt Steele & Izzy Fareal defeat The Nuclear Assassins


Match #5: Gen-X Heavyweight Title Match

(Challenger) Killer Kurt won by DQ over (Champion) Larry D.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Vangard Wrestling Results-2/9--Lansing, Illinois

Match #1,... Lamar Titan defeated Tunica via pinfall.

Match #2,...Team Dammitt defeated The GYMW Giuseppe #1 & #7 via pinfall

Match #3,... Akuma defeated Squanto via pinfall

Match #4,.. Studd Muffin created a battle royal per Machine's request for a title shot. The winner would get a title shot of their choice. Battle Royal winner; Jordan Pryde

Match #5,... Ivan Manson defeated Dameon Dunn via pinfall. The end of this match eventually took to the outdoors where even greater beatings took place. Dunn actually made a female fan cry because of the beating he put on Ivan.

AAPW Results-2/9-Mt Vernon, Illinois

AAPW debuted in Mt. Vernon, IL. at the YMCA. 98 screaming fans were treated to a night of terrific action and family entertainment.

The opening bout featured two AAPW fan favorites. Mike Masters faced Edmund "Livewire" McGuire in what started out as a fantastic show of skill and sportsmanship. As the match progressed, Masters seemed to get frustrated not only with McGuire but with the fans. It appears the fans in Mt. Vernon favor McGuire over Masters. As McGuire set Masters up for a top rope leg drop, Brandon Walker ran to ringside and pushed McGuire off the top turnbuckle. Masters took advantage and hit McGuire with a Death Valley Driver to get the win. Fans were not impressed with Masters.

The 2nd match of the evening featured two rookies. Cody Ray Strong was "Strong" in his debut defeating Davey Boy Sloan.

Match number 3 featured the debut of Mark Sterling and Darrien Sanders squaring off against the 1 contender for the AAPW Heavyweight title, "Da Bomb" Brian James and his partner, newcomer Thee Brandon Espinosa. All four displayed great athleticism and technical skill despite a few underhanded tactics and complaining by Sanders and Sterling. James and Espinosa pulled out the victory.

Ax Stevens continued his path of destruction. J.C. Blade fell victim to the piledriver after a brief onslaught of offense. Blades quickness was no match for the experience of "The Old School Warrior".

The Mississippi Madman was back in action at AAPW and the fans literally blew the roof off the place! From the time Madman entered the ring until the final bell, the noise from the fans was deafening. Madman's opponent was Carnage. The strength and power of the 250 lb. masked man was of no use against the 450 lb Madman. Carnage turned to every dirty trick in the book; choking, raking the eyes and flat out pounding on the Madman. In the end, Madman took Carnage to "The 5th Floor" deliviering the thunderous chokeslam for the win.

"Thunderbolt" Brandon Walker faced "The All American" J.T. Calhoun. Edmund "Livewire" McGuire decided to get some payback on Walker by heading to ringside distracting Walker in order for Calhoun to secure a victory.

The main event of the evening was a last chance for "Serial Thriller" Shane Rich to take the AAPW title from "Homicidal" Steven Davis. These two put on a match that featured everything! Brawling, technical wrestling, high flying, and action out of the ring into the front row! Finally, after 6 months of chasing the title, "Serial Thriller" forced Davis to tap out to a Texas Cloverleaf and is THE NEW AAPW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Brian James is scheduled to face the winner on March 15th in Carbondale, IL. However, Davis invoked a rematch clause and demanded he gets it in Carbondale on March 15th. Therefore, Rich's 1st title defense will be in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH agaisnst both Davis and Brian James!

AAW Results--2/9--Berwyn, IL

Pre Show:
Brandon Blaze d. Super Ninja and Berwyn Brawler

Tyme Paige / Samuray Del Sol d. Hunter Matthews / Knight Wagner

The Phoenix Twins d. Kid Hybrid and Jeff Brooks

After the match Tweek and Dash said Joey Eastman was not in the building but they wanted a title match with Corbin and Cruz. The NSE came out and promised the Twins as soon as Joey came back they would get their shot.

The Northstar Express d. Absolute Answer to retain the AAW Tag Titles

A valiant effort by Ames and Able but they were defeated after Brandon Blaze interference and a low blow by Corbin. Post match the Phoenix Twins jumped the champs and a pull apart brawl ensued.

*Promo from Jayson Reign in front of the exit sign backstage. He said it was never about him, it was always about the company and the fans. He said he was so proud of how far AAW has come and thanked the fans one last time.

*Kevin Harvey interviewed Eric Priest in the ring about his Dog Collar match later in the night. Chandler McClure came to ringside in his wheelchair promising a "miracle". He then rolled into the ring and sat back down in his chair. Priest doubted Chandler's injuries and said he let him off the hook when he interrupted him last month but not tonight. Priest nailed McClure and knocked him off his wheelchair and then continued to beat on him. Priest then proclaimed "It's a miracle!"

Josh Abercrombie d. "Amazing N8 Mattson w/ Truth Martini

Truth is suffering from last months neck injury so he will now be in the corner of Mattson. After a competitive match Abercrombie got the win with a lungblower.

* Valerie Malone came to the ring and informed the fans she now has her managers license and was bringing back a man the built the foundation of AAW...... JASON DUKES. The fans were all over Dukes as he laid out an open challenge to anyone in the back. The challenge was answered by none other than...... SILAS YOUNG! Young shocked everyone and said since he was hanging out in the back and loved wrestling and making money he wanted to take on Dukes.

Silas Young d. Jason Dukes w/ Valerie Malone

Dukes actually looked to be in the best shape of his career here but after a hard fought match Silas put away his old rival with a headstand moonsault. Post match Silas got revenge on Malone and laid her out with a spinebuster.

Jimmy Jacobs w/ Lacey d. Eric Priest in a Dog Collar Match to become the NEW AAW HERITAGE CHAMPION

Before the match Jacobs introduced Lacey who would now be in his corner. This was a bloody and brutal match that saw Jacobs tie Priest to the turnbuckles with both chains and unleash a half dozen chair shots on the champ. After Priest was able to somehow kick out, Chandler McClure hit the ring and attacked Priest leading to a Jacobs top rope senton for the win and the Heritage Title.

*Backstage promo from Tyler Black, Shane Hollister and Mdogg 20. They were fired up for the main event against JJ Inc.

Dan Lawrence d. Derek St. Holmes w/ Koa Marie, Knight Wagner and Hunter Matthews.

Interference from Koa Marie backfired and Lawrence was able to get the win. After the match he called out Ryan Boz. Boz and Jacobs came out but were greeted by Skullkrusher leading to....

Ryan Boz d. "Skullkrusher" Rasche Brown

Jacobs came out and nailed Rasche in his right eye with a spike. Boz then finished him with a lariat. Rasche needed to be helped from the ring.

* Backstage Derek St. Holmes yelled at Hybrid and Brooks for losing earlier and not helping him in his match. He told them it was time for them to "go on time out."

Zach Gowen / Krotch w/ Nikki d. Trik Davis / CK3 w/ Dave Prazak

Trik had Krotch beat but CK3 tagged in. After a brawl between Nikki and Dave Prazak Gowen was able to hit a moonsault on CK3 for the win.

* Promo from JJ Inc. Daniels said they were ready to go to war in the main event.

Austin Aries d. Arik Cannon via KO to earn a spot in the 3/8 Final Four

A hard hitting match that saw Aries victorious after a brainbuster/ submission combo that left Cannon unconscious. Aries moves on to the final four next month.

Tyler Black/Shane Hollister/Mdogg20 d. Jerry Lynn/Danny Daniels/Marek Brave

An action packed match. Too much to recap here. JJ Inc was in control when Bryce Benjamin hit the ring and took out Danny Daniels. The fight spilled into the crowd when Mdogg 20 flew from the top rope to the outside leaving Tyler Black in the ring with the Heavyweight champ. Black hit the small package driver and pinned Jerry Lynn! Black and co. celebrated as the champ laid in the ring to end the show.

Thanks to all who came out. it was another hot crowd.

AAW is back 3/8 for the 4th Anniversary show. Already signed:


Jerry Lynn (c)
Austin Aries
Josh Abercrombie


Northstar Express w/ Joey Eastman
Zach Gowen / Krotch w/ Nikki


Ryan Boz
Dan Lawrence

EWF Results-2/9--Marion, Indiana

* Justin Andrews beat Niko Killawaya
* Charles Jackson beat Senior Flamer

Bob comes out and says that Midwestern Champion Dark Lion is dodging him tonight, so he is going to take out his partner Matt Cavins later on the show.

* Mike King w/ Party Boy beat Damian Michaels w/ Destiny Payne by DQ

* Bob beat Matt Cavins by submission

Dark Lion comes out after the match to make the save, he and Bob have a stare down.

* Andy Santos beat Dylan Bostic

* Midwestern Title: Dark Lion (c) beat Hank Calhoun

* New Era Champion Just Justin & Nate Phoenix beat "The Soul Shooters" Appollo Starr & Drew Johnson


EWF Wrestling returns to action this Saturday Night, February 16, 2008 at the EWF Arena on 3400 S. Adams in Marion, IN. Bell time is 7:30 PM.
Matches already signed: Former WWE Star ZACH GOWEN vs. Bob, ROH Star JIMMY JACOBS challenges Just Justin for the New Era Title!

Tickets are only $12 VIP Ringside, $10 General Admission and can be purchased at the door, Kids 5 & under are free with paid adult.


March 15: TNA Knockout Ms Traci Brooks debuts in the 1st Ever "Ladies Rumble". Tickets are only $12 VIP Ringside, $10 GA and can be purchased online.

Visit us online at

IPW presents Insanity Rulz 3/1

Insanity Pro Wrestling

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fountain Square Salvation Army Community Center
1337 S Shelby Street
Indianapolis, IN

Doors Open 6:00 PM, Bell Time 7:00 PM

Admission $12.00
Kids 10 and Under $7.00

Matches Already Signed...




*** IPW vs ROH ***

Also, Scheduled to Appear...



Card Subject To Change

Visit us online at

CZW Results-2/9-ECW Arena

results courtesy of

Chuck Taylor won the Aerial Assault Match defeating Spyrul BKNY, Pinkie Sanchez, Ryan McBride, and Ricochet.

The match was spectacular with the high spots the match is designed to show off, including Ricochet doing the double moonsault (that means a moonsault with two complete flips, folks) to the floor, which is a incredible thing to see live; as well as Ryan McBride doing a 450 off of through a table on the outside. Chuck Taylor even busted out a ring dive.

The match was hurt by what appeared to be a botched finish (by either the referee or BKNY Spyral); which ended up with Chuck Taylor and BKNY Spyrul on a ladder to get a "contract" for a future CZW Junior Heavyweight Title match. BKNY Spyrul hung from the chain attached to the raefters holding the "contract". He then kicked Taylor, grabbed the contract and fell...but without the contract. Chuck Taylor grabbed it to win the match. Then, while Taylor climbed down, BKNY Spyrul grabbed it, and was announced the winner. Zandig came out, spit on Spyral, and gives the contract to Taylor.


Then, the filming started with two 2 takes of Necro Butcher (as the dastardly heel named "Necrobutcher") and Mickey Rourke (as the babyface character "Ram") entrances, then saw a bar fight sequence between the two taped for the movie. OK so far with the taping.

Team Andrew beat the Iron Saints in an OK match.

Nicky Benz brought out Javi Air to start a stable of wrestlers he was going to make "stars". Yawn.

Javi Air loses to LJ Cruz in a forgettable match. More coaching needed by Benz apparently.

Greg Excellence and Beef Wellington (aka " 2Girls1Cup"), along with Kylie Pierce as their "nutritional coach", defeated Joe Gacy and Alex Colon.

Sabian beat Brandon Thomaselli with a double footstomp to retain the CZW Junior Heavyweight Titlet.

DJ Hyde beat WHACKS in an hardcore all-Arena brawl. DJ Hyde started the evening's events by tying Britney (WHACKS girlfriend/valet) to the ringpost, bringing various inappropriate comments from my section. WHACKS began the match comes out and attacks DJ Hyde with a barbed wire bat. WHACKS tried to untie Britney only to be stopped by DJ Hyde.

In a disgusting moment, the carved up DJ Hyde got lemon juice and salt poured into his barbed wire cuts. Later, WHACKS spit out hot sauce onto the cuts. Owwwwwch.

Then, another "oops" moment occurred as WHACKS tried to use a mobile cherry picker to squash DJ Hyde against the guardrail. Only it wouldn't start moving. Security finally came along and got it going for WHACKS, who squashed Hyde against the rail. In the middle of all the fun, WHACKS eventually frees Britney. WHACKS attempts to finish off DJ Hyde by jumping off the mobile cherry picker, but Hyde moved. Hyde then pinned WHACKS for the win.

Naptown Dragons (Scotty Vortekz and Diehard Dustin Lee) defeated Jon Dahmer and Danny Demanto to win the CZW Tag Team Titles. Dragons turned into defacto babyfaces (think "cool heels"), as a lot of fans are tired of Demanto's ring-shooty shtick.

During intermission; more footage was filmed, including a segment with a brawl in the crowd between "Ram" and "Necrobutcher".

Post-intermission, Vordell Walker came out. He tried to tell us Joker (who came out with Blackout earlier) was at home with an abscessed tooth (turns out he DID have an abscessed tooth, but was very obviously there in the building. This qualifies as another of those "thank God for editing" moments.

So Walker did the "I'm looking for the toughest guy in the locker room" shtick....only to have Kevin Steen return to CZW to a nice ovation.

Kevin Steen-Vordell Walker went to a no-contest as Steen went for the package piledriver, but was reversed by Walker into a leglock. Steen makes the ropes, Walker refused to break, and the match was called a "no-contest" (um, isn't this usually considered a DQ for the guy refusing to break?). Joker came out and challenged Walker for next month.

LuFisto beats Sexxy Eddy in the Ultraviolent Domestic Dispute match. No gimmicks used, but Eddy beat the CRAP out of
LuFisto (who's got to be the toughest North American woman not named Mickie Knuckles). LuFisto wins on a reverse pin.

Hardcore Nick Gage and Ruckus went to a non-finish after Drew Blood and Devon Moore of PWU came out (in what appears to be the slowest "invasion" by one promotion of another I've ever seen). Gage and Ruckus go to resume the match, but are broken up after Robby Mireno tells security something. The crowd shit on the second non-finish out of three matches. Zandig came out and tried to re-start the match, but Ruckus left a minute later. It should be noted that Ruckus got out of a hospital bed after being in the hospital with a bad case of pneumoina, something that escaped the crowd who hooted the non-finish.

Drake Younger defeated Brain Damage in a bloody disgusting match that featured barbed wire, auto glass and other fun things. After one spot, Brain Damage legit sprayed blood like a water faucet (for those who remember, think of the horrific Bill Alfonso blade job back in the ECW days). Drake Younger looked like he got shot after taking a double knee stomp onto a pane of glass. In the middle of the insanity, Younger pinned Brain Damage for the win and the Double Crown (Iron Man Title and "Ultraviolet Underground" title).

Then, there was more movie filming. Zandig kept the crowd around by implying there would be more following this...which there really wasn't. Grrrrrrrr. The crowd started getting pissed at this point as the hour was getting ridiculously late for this kind of thing.

For those who care, Necrobutcher is still out after the filming is done, and "sincerely thanks the one man in the back who made this possible"...Nicky Benz. Thus the Necrobutcher turn begins. Benz comes out with protege, Javi-Air. Yippee.

Danny Havoc came out, called Necrobutcher a Hollywood sellout, and started fighting with Necrobutcher. Wifebeater came out with a weedwhacker to even the sides. It says something that the crowd was so tired at nearly 1:00 am that even Wifebeater didn't get much of a pop.

The, morning... ends with Havoc hitting a flying elbow off of the ECW Arena entrance onto Necrobutcher on top of two tables.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Indy Wrestle Line 2/3 Independent Report

Hello everyone and welcome to your Indy Wrestle Line Independent report.. I am the Weekend Warrior Randy Klemme.

First of all, I just wanted to add something to the answer I gave to Jeff in Indianapolis concerning a question he had concerning WWE writers belonging to the writers union that is on strike. Nate Stein of sent me a note and said pro wrestling does not fall under the pervue of the Writer's Guild, but many of them are members. Thanks Nate for your assistance. As to whether what effect if any it will have on the WWE is anybody's guess.

Birthday shoutouts this week go to Ladies indy wrestler Lexi Lane celebrating on Tuesday of this week and Northern Indiana wrestler Big Daddy Dean is having a birthday on happy birthday to both of those guys....

NOW to the all important results on this first weekend of the month....

Insanity Pro Wrestling had not one, but two shows Saturday in Indianapolis, Indiana

At the matinee show..

Ashley Lane defeated Josie

Jill defeated Reggie and Sassy Stephie in a 3 way

Dave Crist and Ryan Rich defeated Carlton Kaz and Sweet Lou
Jill defeated Louis Linaris

Hellena Heavenly and Nevaeh went to a no contest due to interference by Josie

and Nevaeh and Ashley Lane defeated Josie and Hellena Heavenly

In results from the evening show

Chris Wonders beat Scotty Young

xOMGx beat Ricochet

Junk Food Junkie beat Chris Hall

Ryan Rich beat Marc Houston

In a Gauntlet Match for the vacant Mid-American Title:
- Diehard Dustin Lee beat PT Hustla
- Joey Owens beat Diehard
- Joey Owens beat Botch to win the title

Dave Davidson defeated Aaron Williams & Appollo Starr in a 3 way

Louis Linaris, Lou Roberts, & Dustin Rayz beat Dave Crist, Billy Roc, & Hillbilly Jed

Sami Callihan beat Chuck Taylor

and in the main event Grand Champion Drake Younger & Scotty Vortekz defeated Carlton Kaz & Osyris
In Columbus, Indiana in front of 350 fans, Hoosier Pro Wrestling inducted "Wildfire" Tommy Rich into their Hall of Fame

Flash Flannigan beat Tarek the Great

Cousin Cooter pinned Fast Eddie Felson

Tank Toland pinned Troy Van Zant

Donny Idol pinned Bobby Black

Pastor Pain became the new HPW Heavyweight Champion by winning a 3 way dance over former Champ Diceman Ronnie Vegas and Tom Van Zant

and in the Main Event Tommy Rich & Doug Gilbert beat Ox Harley & Brian Beech when Rich pinned Beech.
Extreme Wrestling Federation action from Marion, Indiana Saturday night saw--

General Lee winning a Rumble to earn an EWF title shot later in the evening.

Hank Calhoun beat Mike King

Bob defeated Wildman Rogers

and EWF Champion Big Ric Cannon defeated General Lee by submission
Total All-Star Wrestling from the National Guard Armory in Scottsburg, Indiana saw

Chet Robbins and Guido Andretti went to a no contest

Hailey Hatred won by pin over Mary E. Monroe

Randy Royal won by pin over Simon Sezz

Legacy won by pin over Brandon Blaze

and Vic The Bruiser and TAW World Champion Steve Marino went to a double count out
Northern Wrestling Federation was at SHIMMER'S in Ft Wright, Kentucky Saturday night

The Crybaby defeated The American Eagle

The Hippies (Jesse Hyde & Pompano Joe) defeated The Zodiacs

Anthony Bryant defeated Austin Meddler

Tri-State Champion Ice defeated Dr. Melvin Winkleman by DQ

Ryan Stone defeated Christopher Michael Lotus.

Brian Jennings & NWF Champion Muldoon defeated Jon Moxley & Benjamin Kimera

and in the main event Tap or Snap (Stewie Backlund & Tiny Tim) defeated The Thugs (Nasty Russ & T-Money) in a Tag Team Lumberjack match to become the brand new NWF Tag Team Champions!
Don't forget, if you would like to leave me a wrestling question or comment, you can do so after the tone at the end of this report or you can drop me an e-mail at Also check out my MySpace page at

So until next time, this is the weekend warrior Randy Klemme, get out and support independent professional wrestling

Friday, February 1, 2008

Indy Wrestle Line 2/1 Independent Report

Indy Wrestle Line 2/1 Independent Report
317-592-9401 option 2

Hello everyone and welcome to your Indy Wrestle Line Independent report.. I am the Weekend Warrior Randy Klemme.

Well it is the first weekend of the month and there are a number of shows all around the midwest, so this weekend would be a great chance to get out and support professional wrestling....

First to Jeff in pose an interesting question about the possibility of WWE writers belonging to the union that is on strike. It apparently hasn't had an effect on the WWE. at least not yet. Keep in mind, that members of the creative team are also former wrestlers and may not be members of the union....I believe Dusty Rhodes and Michael Hayes are still on the creative team along with Stephanie McMahon. I haven't seen the latest list of the WWE creative team members, but it would be interesting to find out if any of them are a member of the writers union, maybe someone can fill us in on that.

As I said it is a busy indy wrestling weekend, and no place will be busier than in Indianapolis where Insanity Pro Wrestling will have TWO shows on Saturday at the Fountain Square Salvation Army at 1337 S Shelby Street in Indianapolis. At 3:30 Saturday afternoon, IPW presents their first ever Ladies Only Show. Admission is $10 and $5 for children 10 and under. Amoung the ladies stars you will see will be Helena Heavenly, Nevaeh, Hailey Hatred, Lexie Lane and more. Doors open at 3 and the belltime is at 3:30pm. Then Saturday evening IPW presents Sacrifice. Admission for the second show is $12 and $7 for children 10 and under.Scheduled on card are Osyris, Jon Moxley, Joey Owens, and IPW junior Heavyweight Champion Billy Roc amoung others. Doors open at 6 and belltime is at 7pm for the evening show. You may also purchase tickets for both events at a discount....$19 for adults and $10 for kids 10 and under. For more information go to

Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws will be returning Saturday night to the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Crawfordsville, Indiana with a 7pm belltime. Don Basher, Justin Andrews, Apocalipz, Kennth James and Pogo are all scheduled on that card in Crawfordsville....

Hoosier Pro Wrestling welcomes former NWA World Champion "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, Doug Gilbert and Tank Toland to the HPW Arena Saturday night, Belltime is at 7:45pm on the Bartholemew County Fairgrounds. Also on the card you will see HPW Heavyweight Champion "Diceman" Ronnie Vegas, HPW Hardcore Champion Ox Harley and HPW Cruiserweight Champion Donny Idol. Again belltime is at 7:45 Saturday night in Columbus, Indiana

Other shows will take place in Marion, Indiana with Extreme Wrestling Federation with a 7pm belltime at the EWF Arena, 3400 S Adams Street in Marion, Indiana....

Supreme Championship Wrestling will have their weekly show at 821 W Main Street in Madison, Indiana with a 7:30pm belltime Saturday night...

Mountain Wrestling Association will be at the Estill Street Jubilee in Mt Sterling, Kentucky starting at 7:30 Saturday night...

Northern Wrestling Federation will be at SHIMMER'S in Ft Wright, Kentucky starting at 8pm Saturday night...

and National Wrestling Coalition will be at the Community Center in Dundas, Illinois Saturday night with a 7:30pm Central Time belltime...

There are many other shows this weekend, and if you head to any of those, please leave your thoughts after this report on the shows and also any results from those shows to be included on our Sunday update. The update on Sunday will have more news, birthdays and of course those all important results from this weekend's action...

Make sure you check out option 3 of the Indy Wrestle Line for an interview with foirmer NWA World's Champion "Wildfire" Tommy Rich.
Don't forget, if you would like to leave me a wrestling question or comment, you can do so after the tone at the end of this report or you can drop me an e-mail at Also check out my MySpace page at

So until next time, this is the weekend warrior Randy Klemme, get out and support independent professional wrestling