Sunday, April 29, 2007

NWF Results--4/28--Fairfield, OH

Stewie Backlund defeated Muldoon with a small package

Unified Champion The Zodiac (with Jac Attack) defeated Dr. Melvin Winkleman

The Thugs (Nasty Russ & T-Money) defeated The American Eagle & Ice when Russ pinned Eagle

Christopher Michael Lotus defeated Bodacious

The Genuine Superstar Anthony Bryant pinned Tiny Tim with a superkick

The Crybaby defeated Austin Meddler in the Strap Match

The Hippies (Jesse Hyde & Pompano Joe) defeated Roger Ruffen & Ryan Stone

ROH Results--4/28--Chicago Ridge, IL

Delirious defeated Gran Akuma, Jigsaw, Hallowicked, ROH Top Of The Class Trophy winner Pelle Primeau, and Mike Quackenbush in 10:29 when Delirious pinned Akuma with the Chemical Imbalance II

Erick Stevens vs. Christopher Daniels went to a fifteen minute time limit draw

Brent Albright defeated BJ Whitmer, Homicide, and Jimmy Rave after pinning Whitmer at 10:15

Austin Aries of the Resilience defeats Rocky Romero of the No Remorse Corps in 12:29 after the brainbuster 450 Splash combination

ROH Wold Heavyweight Championship: Takeshi Morishima defeats Shingo in 15:24 after a back drop driver

Natural Superior Athlete Tank Toland defeated Sugarfoot Alex Payne in 2:40 with the overhead spinebuster

Roderick Strong (with Rocky Romero) defeated Jack Evans in 15:12 with the CX '02

ROH World Tag Team Titles: Mark & Jay Briscoe defeated The Motor City Machine Guns. (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) in 34:19 after Mark delivered a cutthroat driver to Shelley while at the same time Jay came off the top rope with a guillotine legdrop.

Colt Cabana defeated Scrap Iron Adam Pearce in 13:28 with the Billy Goat's Curse

ROH returns to Chicago Ridge on Saturday June 23 with Takeshi Morishima, Naomichi Marufuji, and a rematch of the ROH match of the year in 2006 – American Dragon Bryan Danielson vs. KENTA.

EWF Results--4/28--Marion, IN

Todd Mullins beat Donnie Benjamin in a tryout match

Mike Lawson beat Mr. Main Event

Big Ric Cannon beat Cupid Valentino

Bob beat Hank Calhoun by DQ

Ladies Title: Destinee Blade beat Sister Main Event (c), Bobcat, Rockstar Roni Jonah, and Miss Jeanie to win the title

New Era Title: Jay West (c) beat Just Justin, Adam Bueller (The SiKness), Chip Daley, and Fallen Dragon in a scramble

EWF Title: Osyris (c) beat Jake Omen

EWF Wrestling returns to action next Saturday Night, May 5, 2007 at the EWF Arena on 3400 S Adams in Marion, IN with a 7 PM bell time.

Former WWE Star ZACH GOWEN vs. "Cannonball" Sami Callihan and much more!

Tickets are $10 at the door and $8 in advance

Visit us online at

CCW (Classic) Results--4/24--Louisville, KY

Blackheart #1 Vs. Matt Maverick battled to a no-contest

Jebediah Blackhawk defeated Tommy "T-Dogg" Foreman by disqualification

Elmore Fudd & Bad Medicine #9 w/Mrs. Elma Fudd defeated J-Mo & Lincoln Walker

"The Black Redneck" Kliff Hanger defeated Brandon Blaze

The Zodiac (AWF Champion & USWF Tag Champion) defeated Chris Chaos

"Smooth" Johnny Spade w/Miss Holly Wood defeated JB Thunder

Saturday, April 28, 2007

IWA MidSouth Results--4/28--Midlothian, IL

Jack Thriller over Jimmy Shalwin

Brandon Thomaselli over Josh Abercrombie in an Indian Strap Match for the IWA MidSouth Light Heavyweight Championsip

Scott Lost over Billy Roc

OMG beat Jason Strife

Tank over Ian Rotten

Chuck Taylor over Joey Ryan for the IWA MidSouth Heavyweight title

Iron Saints (Vito & Sal Thomaselli) beat North Straw Express (Ryan Cruz & Darin Corbin) in a double dog collar match

Drake Younger defeats CJ Otis in a No Rope Barbed Wire match for the IWA MidSouth Death Match Championship

10-Falls with "Dr Death" Steve Williams

10-Falls with
"Dr Death" Steve Williams

"Another one of the great stories of professional wrestling in recent years is that of "Dr Death Steve Williams. Doc, has fought everything and everybody during his professional wrestling career from all of the Big Names in the sport to CANCER. Thankfully Doc has survived and is telling his story in his new autobiography. I have watched Doc wrestle for MANY years and I can honestly say that he IS the toughest man in professional wrestling..."--Randy Klemme

1) You have been in the wrestling business for a number of years? How long? and how has pro wrestling in your mind changed over the years?

Doc: 25 years. There is no longer any respect for the business.

2) What organizations have you worked for and are there ones you currently are associated with?

Doc: Every major company in the world, and currently for the WWE as a trainer.

3) Through your career, I am sure there were many great things that happened and also some low points...Can you give us any stories about the "Good" and "Bad" of your pro wrestling career?

Doc: I discuss all of this is my book, but I have died three times and god has spared me. The fans have been great and I value their support.

4) Is there anything you regret you were never able to accomplish in professional wrestling?

Doc: No, put in real life not going to the U.S. Olympics

5) More recently you have fought some health battles...can you explain and are you doing okay now?

Doc: I have battled T-4 throat cancer, and on May 7th, I will be cancer free for three years! Praise God

6) You have written a book, "How Dr Death became Dr Life" would you describe the book and how did you come to write it?

Doc: It is about my life, a true story about how Dr. Death became Dr. Life. Through my good friend, Dr. Tom Caiazzo, we put out a true book to inspire and motivate.

7) Life is a series of ups and downs, what are some of the things that you do in life to overcome the tough times?

Doc: Pray and give God all the glory.

8) Back to Pro Wrestling...Do you watch much of the current TV wrestling product and what do you think about it? Who are some of the wrestlers you watch now?

Doc: I don't get to watch much because I am out ministering and motivating. When I see Shawn Michels, the Undertaker, and Kurt Angle, I will try to watch them.

9) I am sure you have been asked this many times, when someone says, "How do I get to be a professional wrestler....?" What do you tell them?

Doc: I tell them to go to my website and or myspace account and I will take care of them.

10) In closing, there has to be some great road stories over your long career.....Let us in on one of those stories (Keep it clean--LOL)?

Doc: When I was very green, I was very protective of my gear. Billy Starr ribbed me and took my boots. I had to wrestle barefooted. My feet hurt for a week. I got him back by repalacing his shampoo with NAIR. His hair fell out and turned green. It was too funny.

I hope all the fans will read my book. It is a true story and I hope I can inspire all.

The Wrestleline Report-Saturday

The Wrestleline Report
Saturday, April 28 2007
The Indy Wrestleline: 317-592-9401
Reported by Adam Simmons

Independent News & Notes:

Pro Wrestling Renaissance is proud to announce our first event in conjunction with the "Glass Days" Festival.

Friday, June 1, 2007

West Jay Middle School
140 Highland Avenue
Dunkirk, Indiana 47336

Doors open at 6:30 PM | Bell Time at 7:30 PM
Some of the names featured on the show will be Flash Flannagan, Tank Tolland, The Soul Shooters, Shark Boy, Jon Moxley, Seth Skyfire, Tatanka and more!

For more info on Pro Wrestling Renaissance, visit their website at!

There's going to be three big shows next weekend in Indiana-Insanity Pro Wrestling, Hoosier Pro Wrestling and NWA Indiana. Here's a glimpse of what to expect next week:

In Indianapolis, IPW will be presenting "Legally Insane" featuring, among other things, a mini-tourney to crown a new IPW Grand Champion. Those involved are former champions Hillbilly Jed, Dave Davidson and PT Hustla, Carlton Kaz, Billy Roc, Vortekz, Indiana Kidd and Osyris. Also on the card will be one of the hottest feuds in the midwest-The Irish Airborne v. The Mavericks-plus a 6 man scramble featuring some of the newer faces to IPW! Check out for more info!

Over in Columbus, IN, HPW will be presenting "Invasion Day". On the card you will see former WWE stars Danny Basham and Tank Tolland, as well as HPW Champion Ronnie Vegas and all of the other HPW superstars! For more info check out!

Last, but certainly not least, NWA Indiana returns to Lafayette, IN with a great opportunity for three of their stars-PT Hustla, Brandon Thomaselli and Billy Roc. These three men will battle it out for a spot in the coveted Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup in Florida! Not only that, but the winner will also receive a shot at the NWA Indiana Title later in the evening against champion, Shawn Cook! Also on the card you'll see a return grudge match between "Zombie" Rob Ramer and "The Beast" Brian Roberts, as well as former WCW and WWE star Buff Bagwell! Check out for more details!

Tonight's Pro Wrestling Events:

IWA Mid-South
Saturday afternoon, APRIL 28


Don Preston Recreational Center
14500 Kostner Avenue
Midlothian, IL
***Special 2:00 PM belltime; Doors open at 1:00 PM***
Ticket Prices are $20 and $15

IWA Death Match Championship

***INDIAN STRAP MATCH for the IWA World Light-Heavyweight Title***

CORBIN & RYAN CRUZ) w/ Joey Eastman




Top Notch Wrestling Presents:
April Annihilation
Saturday Night April 28th, 2007

Located at the Jonathon Jennings IPS School 109
6150 Gateway Drive.
Indianapolis, Indiana
(Near W.38th & High School Road on Indy's Northwest side)

General Admission for Adults & Kids $7.00
Bell time 7:00pm

On the card you will see:

Austin James
"Superstar" TJ Powers
"Too Cool" TJ Kemp
"Blazing" Gary Cherry
"Southern Rock" - Hillbilly Jed & Indiana Kidd Jr.
"Locked & Loaded" - "The Exotic One" Rob Kincaid & "Heartthrob" Skip Raddison
Cousin Cooter
Camron Star
J.T. Brannum
Xavier Xross
Tommy Gage
TNW Tag Team Champions - Tom & Troy VanZant
"Badboy" Bobby Black
And more!

Matches will be added very soon
For more info please log onto

EWF Wrestling returns to action this Saturday - April 28, 2007!

The event will take place at the EWF Arena on 3400 S. Adams St. in Marion, IN 46953 with a 7 PM bell time

Tickets are $10 at the door and $8 in advance and can be purchased online

Ladies Championship: "Sister" Main Event (c) vs. "WWE Diva" Bobcat vs. Destinee

Blade vs. Sybil Star

Also, scheduled To Appear:

EWF Champion Osyris, New Era Champion Jay West, Midwestern Champion Nate Pheonix, Just Justin, Ames & Able, Big Richard Cannon,
Bob, Marc Houston, Mr. Main Event, Fuji Brown, Hank Calhoun, Andy Santos, Fallen Dragon, Jake Omen, Cupid Valentino, and more!

** Visit for an 2007 X8 DVD Music Video Preview! **

Upcoming Events:

May 5: Former WWE Star ZACH GOWEN returns. Tickets $10 at the door, $8 in advance
May 19: Former WWE Star AL SNOW makes his EWF debut!

Ticket prices: General Admission: Advance: $12.00, At the door $15.00, VIP: $ 18.00 includes Early Admission, Special Meet & Greet with Al Snow

Visit us online at

AWA Supreme
Saturday, April 28
821 Main Street
Madison, IN
Belltime 7:30PM
Every Saturday night!

If anyone attends any of the shows tonight and would like to contribute results for tomorrow's update and/or photos to be featured on the Live Action Photos page, please email the results/photos to!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

AWA getting sued by the WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in federal court against a Minnesota man who is allegedly misappropriating the trademarks of an organization that was run by the "legendary Vern Gagne" from the 1960s to the 1990s.

By Dan Browning, Star Tribune
Last update: April 26, 2007 – 1:02 PM

World Wrestling Entertainment has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in federal court against a Minnesota man who is allegedly misappropriating the trademarks of an organization that was run by the "legendary Verne Gagne" from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Gagne is a Twin Cities promoter who's often considered the grandfather of modern television wrestling theatrics.

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. and its associated WWE Libraries Inc., collectively know as WWE, bought the trademarks to Gagne's company in 2003. It has continued to market professional wrestling-related goods and services under the AWA trademarks, including a video titled "The Spectacular Legacy of the AWA," according to the suit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis.

The suit alleges that Dale R. Gagner, also known as Dale Gagne, "is a serial infringer" who first tried to misuse the AWA trademarks in 1990, and who is doing so again under a company called AWA Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

Minnesota business records list AWA Wrestling Entertainment Inc. at a Rochester Post Office box. A message left Thursday morning on the company's answering machine was not immediately returned. State public records list two individuals by the name of Dale R. Gagner; one, age 37, lives in Rochester. Neither could be reached for comment Thursday.

The suit says that in 1990, the Minneapolis Boxing and Wrestling Club, which had owned the AWA marks at the time, filed a similar infringement lawsuit against Gagner and others.

According to that suit, Gagner had worked as an independent contractor promoting wrestling events for the club, but he was fired when the club owners learned that he had promoted an AWA event without their knowledge. The court enjoined Gagner and his co-defendants from infringing on the AWA trademarks.

The current WWE lawsuit alleges that Gagner, in a "blatant attempt to trade on the name and popularity of Verne Gagne" and his association with the AWA, dropped the letter R from his surname to make it appear that they are related. Gagner is not related to Gagne, the suit says.

WWE says it has spent considerable sums marketing AWA's name and products, including a historical home video and a cable-TV, on-demand service known as "WWE 24/7." It markets the products through a website at

Gagner is disregarding the earlier injunction against his use of the AWA trademarks and now owns and operates websites at and, the suit says.

"The clear intent of Defendants' activities is to misrepresent that Defendants are the successors to and/or affiliated with the AWA wrestling promotion." the suit says, adding that the defendants have never been affiliated with WWE or the trademarked AWA wrestling promotion.

The suit charges Gagner and AWA Wrestling Entertainment with trademark infringement, unfair competition and cybersquatting under the federal Lanham Act, and with deceptive trade practices under Minnesota law. It seeks a permanent injunction restraining the defendants from using the trademarks or the Internet domain name; all profits resulting from the alleged infringement; legal fees and expenses and other unspecified damages.

Top Notch Wrestling Presents April Annihilation!

Saturday Night April 28th, 2007

Located at the Jonathon Jennings IPS School 109
6150 Gateway Drive.
Indianapolis, Indiana
(Near W.38th & High School Road on Indy's Northwest side)

General Admission for Adults & Kids $7.00
Bell time 7:00pm

On the card you will see:

Austin James
"Superstar" TJ Powers
"Too Cool" TJ Kemp
"Blazing" Gary Cherry
"Southern Rock" - Hillbilly Jed & Indiana Kidd Jr.
"Locked & Loaded" - "The Exotic One" Rob Kincaid & "Heartthrob" Skip Raddison
Cousin Cooter
Camron Star
J.T. Brannum
Xavier Xross
Tommy Gage
TNW Tag Team Champions - Tom & Troy VanZant
"Badboy" Bobby Black
And more!

Matches will be added very soon
For more info please log onto

EWF Wrestling returns to action this Saturday - April 28, 2007!

The event will take place at the EWF Arena on 3400 S. Adams St. in Marion, IN 46953 with a 7 PM bell time

EWF Championship: Osyris (c) vs. Jake Omen

Ladies Championship: "Sister" Main Event (c) vs. Bobcat vs. Destinee Blade vs. Sybil Star

Midwestern Championship: Nate Pheonix (c) vs. Marc Houston

New Era Championship: Jay West (c) vs. Just Justin vs. Andy Santos vs. Fallen Dragon vs. The SiKness

Big Richard Cannon vs. Cupid Valentino

Also, scheduled To Appear: Ames & Able, Bob, Mr. Main Event, Wildman Rogers, Hank Calhoun, and more!

** Visit for an 2007 X8 DVD Music Video Preview! **

Upcoming Events:

May 5: Former WWE Star ZACH GOWEN returns. Tickets $10 at the door, $8 in advance

May 19: Former WWE Star AL SNOW makes his EWF debut!

Ticket prices: General Admission: Advance: $12.00, At the door $15.00, VIP: $ 18.00 includes Early Admission, Special Meet & Greet with Al Snow

Visit us online at

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

UCW Results--4/21--Tompkinsville, KY

Non-Title Match--(UCW Champion) "Bone Crusher" Jeff Crowe pinned Derrick Neal

"Dr. Of Style" Richard Lowe pinned Jack Daniels

Otis Bass pinned "Dangerous" Doug Vines

UCW Heavyweight Title Match--(UCW Champion) "Bone Crusher" Jeff Crowe --vrs-- (NWA Tennessee Champion) Vic The Bruiser was ruled a Double Count Out by the Referee. No Winner.

Tag Team Challenge Match--(UCW Southern States Champion) Justin Sane and "Terrific" Terry England won by pin over "Dr. Of Style" Richard Lowe and Otis Bass. Justin Sane scored the pin over Otis Bass.

MWA Results--4/21--Mt Sterling, KY

(MWA Kentucky Champion) Tuffy won by DQ over Kasey Kaos

Chucky Smooth defeated Cody Mathews

Shayne Parker defeated "Mr. Extreme" Tommy Gunn

Kelly Charles defeated The Samurai Warrior

MWA Tag Team Title Match--(Champions) "Done Deal" Dick Dalton and Kasey Kaos defeated Tuffy and "Hosscat" Big Henry

AWA-Supreme Results--4/21--Madison, IN

TV Champion Johnny Stratlin defeated Brandon Hunter by DQ after Eric Draven threw a chain to Hunter and Stratlin pretended he was hit by it. Hunter had originally submitted to the “Stratlin Stretch”, but new Above the Law manager Mr. 812 had the referee distracted.

Country Cousin Jimbo pinned the Kentucky Studd.

Eric Draven pinned “Sweet” William Valentine to earn a shot later that night at Billy Maverick’s AWA-Supreme Title.

Ricky Ruckus defeated Mid-America Champion Damien Divine in a “First Blood” match to become the New Mid-American Champion.

CJ Popp & Kamala beat The Regulators when Kamala pinned the original Regulator.

AWA-Supreme Champion Billy Maverick vrs Eric Draven ended in a double count-out as the bout turned into a brawl outside the ring and neither could answer the ten count. Billy Maverick landed a punch that sent Draven into the locker room and he was immediately brought back out by Brandon Hunter & Damien Divine. The three ATL members continued to assault Draven until John Stratlin showed up with a steel chair and chased them from the ring. Draven then challenged the three members of Maverick’s ATL to a match… Maverick’s Above the Law vs. Draven’s Above the Law. Thinking they had the other side outnumbered, Hunter, Divine, & Maverick agreed to the match. Draven then introduced the newest member of HIS version of Above the Law: CJ Popp.

Above the Law (Draven, Stratlin, & Popp) beat Above the Law (Maverick, Divine, & Hunter) after Eric Draven pinned Brandon Hunter following a Superkick while Popp held Maverick in the “Popp-Lock”.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Al Snow Clinic on May 19th in Marion, IN

EWF Pro Wrestling is pleased and honored to announce that WWE Superstar Al Snow, head trainer for WWE's Tough Enough and current head trainer for WWE at their OVW location, current WWE Talent scout, and also considered one of the best teachers in professional wrestling, will hold a special 4 Hour clinic on May 19th 2007 in Marion, Indiana at the EWF Arena from 11am to 3pm. This will be an opportunity for current wrestlers and wrestling students to learn at the hands of the man who helped to mold so many professional wrestlers into the stars they are today. The clinic will be held at The E.W.F. Arena 3400 South Adams St. Marion, IN. May 19th 2007 in Marion, Indiana from 11am to 3pm.

The clinic is open to any current wrestlers and wrestling students (sorry, fans are not allowed to attend). This clinic will not only be your chance to get in the ring with AL, but it will also be a great chance for talent to be scouted by EWF Pro Wrestling for consideration for future events with the company. Also, remember that Al Snow could see someone at the clinic he thinks could take that next step in the wrestling business and a recommendation from AL SNOW could be a "HUGE STEPPING STONE".....E-mail us at for more information or to pre-register.

** The deadline to register for this exciting opportunity is on Saturday, May 5th. Don't miss out and email us now to secure your spot! **

Later that evening, EWF will present "Head Gamez" with AL SNOW in action , the doors open at 6PM belltime for VIP's / 6:30 for all others and Belltime is at 7:30pm. This is sure to be a great event. V.I.P Front row ringside tickets are available now online for $18. ( includes front row seat, Early Admission, and a Special Meet & Greet with Al Snow) General admission advance tickets are also available now online for only $12.00, General Admission tickets will be available the day of show for only $15.00.

Visit us online at

Pro Wrestling Renaissance debuts on June 1st in Dunkirk, IN

Pro Wrestling Renaissance is proud to announce our first event in
conjunction with the "Glass Days" Festival.

Friday, June 1, 2007

West Jay Middle School
140 Highland Avenue
Dunkirk, Indiana 47336

Doors open at 6:30 PM | Bell Time at 7:30 PM


Former WWE Star Tatanka
TNA Wrestling Star Shark Boy
Tank Toland (James Dick from WWE Smackdown!)
Seth Skyfire
Flash Flanagan
Jon Moxley
Hillbilly Jed
The Soul Shooters (Drew Johnson & Appollo Star)
The Jihad (Ala Hussein & Mustafa Saied)
"Indy Kid" Jay West
Dustin Thomas
Big Richard Cannon
Eddie Gonzales
Jake Omen
Justin Dean
"Cannonball" Sami Callihan

Card Subject To Change

Ticket prices:

Front Row - $18
Ringside $13 advance/$15 day of show
General Admission $10 advance/$12 day of show

Ticket Outlets:

Crossroads Financial FCU (Dunkirk: 18919 N. SR 167;
Portland: 1102 W. Votaw St. or 905 N. Meridian St.)
Dunkirk Flower Shop (305 South Broad St)
Dunkirk Public Library (309 S. Franklin St.)
West Jay Middle School

Or purchase tickets online

Visit us online at

Sunday, April 22, 2007

WCWO Results--4/21--Crawfordsville, IN

Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws (WCWO) results from the Montgomery County 4-H Fairgrounds in Crawfordsville, Indiana on 4/21/2007

Pogo pinned Tiny Timmy Turner

WCWO Midwest Champion Devon Monroe defeated Maniac

Apocalypz pinned Chris Cardio

WCWO Tag Team Champions, The Chicago Playaz (BoyToy Bryan & Stu Early) defeated Ryan Rich & Kenneth James

Indiana Kidd Jr pinned Twisted

Big Red, The Wrestling Preacher defeated Baron Von Kane & AAJ in a handicap match

and in the main event, WCWO Heavyweight Champion "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher and Bo Bo Brazil, Jr battled to a no contest

WCWO will be back in action on Saturday May 5th, when they mark their return to the John H Miller Center in Connersville, Indiana after a two year absence. The main event that night will be "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher defending the WCWO title against Bo Bo Brazil, Jr. Bell time is at 7pm.....Doors open at 6. Advance tickets will be available at Billy Bob's, 11th and Central in Connersville and at the Miller Center Office....Adults are $9 and Children 10 and under $7. Tickets will be $1 more at the door

EWF X8 Tournament and Results--4/21--Marion, IN

Ames & Able beat Marek Brave & Shane Hollister

First Round

* Hillbilly Jed beat Sami Callihan

* Tyler Black beat Jake Omen

* Tank Toland beat Justin Dean

* Brent Albright w/ Jimmy Jacobs beat Billy Roc

Midwestern Title Champion Nate Pheonix beat Brian Bender

Second Round

* Tank Toland beat Tyler Black

* Brent Albright beat Hillbilly Jed

EWF Heavyweight Champion Osyris beat Just Justin, Louis Linaris, and Big Richard Cannon in a 4-Way for the title

Final Round

* Tank Toland beat Brent Albright to win the 2007 X8 Tournament

NWF Results--4/21--Walton, KY

Christopher Michael Lotus defeated Unified Champion The Zodiac when Zodiac #2 and Jac Attack interfered

Freaks & Geeks (Austin Meddler & Dr. Melvin Winkleman) defeated The Thugs (Nasty Russ & T-Money) when Meddler hit the 9 to 5 on T-Money.

Anthony Bryant & Tiny Tim wrestled to a No Contest when two referees could not agree on who won the match

The Hippies (Jesse Hyde & Pompano Joe) with Sin D defeated The Crybaby & Bodacious.

NWF Champion Ryan Stone defeated Ice and Muldoon in the Triple Threat Match after he pinned Ice

Stewie Backlund defeated "Tennessee Boy" Donnie Greene

Angel defeated Mr. Hayes & Roger Ruffen to earn a match with The Bomb Rob Williams

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Indy Star Chad Collyer isn't Chad Collyer any more........

From his newsletter this week..........

"Many of you may have noticed the new banner on my website that now
reads OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF CHAD MALENKO. Anybody can visit the site
now by either going to or From
now on I will not perform in a professional wrestling environment as
Chad Collyer, but will now use the Malenko name that was passed down
to me and wrestle as Chad Malenko. In 2004, when I was booked to
wrestle for New Japan, my teacher Dean Malenko, passed down the name
to me to use only in Japan. This past month I had the opportunity to
return to Japan and wrestle for the Zero One MAX and Muga-World Pro
Wrestling promotions as Chad Malenko, and hope to continue to work for
one or both promotions more regularly under the Malenko name. I will
continue to only use the name in Japan where the name has a rich
tradition of superb technical wrestling. I want to say it is an honor
to be able to use the Malenko name. The name represents actual
wrestling in a business where "character"and long winded promos seem
to dominate this era. I hope I can represent the Malenko name well by
giving outstanding wrestling performances every night I step into the
ring in Japan.

I will not wrestle anymore in the USA or any other country under my
own name or the Malenko name. I have other plans I want to do right
now in the states such as help coach my local high school wrestling
team. I also plan to do more personal training, which I will have more
info on my website very soon. I've been wanting to get back into
submission grappling as well. I started doing this two years ago and
had to take sometime off from it when I tore my bicep tendon a year
ago. Now that I'm back to full strength, I plan to return to doing
more of this style of wrestling."

NWF Results--4/20--Cincinnati, OH

Tri-State Champion Ice defeated T-Money

Austin Meddler defeated The Warlock

Tiny Tim pinned Nasty Russ

Anthony Bryant defeated Stewie Backlund by DQ when Tiny Tim prevented Bryant from cheating by attacking him

The Crybaby & Bodacious (with Crazy Courtney) wrestled The Hippies to a No Contest

Muldoon defeated Benjamin Kimera & Dr. Melvin Winkleman in a Triple Threat Match

Danny "Monte" Montgomery & Christopher Michael Lotus defeated The Zodiacs in a Tornado Tag match.

10-Falls with WWE / MTV Tough Enough Star Matt Cappotelli

10-Falls with
Matt Cappotelli

"One of the more inspirational stories of the last couple of years is that of WWE and Tough Enough Star Matt Cappotelli. Matt along with current WWE star Johnny Nitro were the co-champions of MTV's Tough Enough 3. Matt endured many things including a nasty ordeal with Bob Holly during the TV show, however he know faces an even bigger challange. May 1st, Matt Cappotelli will undergo brain surgery to remove a tumor that has enlarged in recent months. We wish Matt God Speed with his surgery and all the best during recuperation."--Randy Klemme

1) You are a product of the "Tough Enough" Shows on tough was the actual training during the shooting of the show and what would you do on a typical day in training?

MC: It was the most intense training I've ever been through. we trained for about 8 hrs a day - in ring, cardio, weights, everything.

2) Of course, one of the things you were famous for during the show was the confrontation with Bob Holly......What are your thoughts looking back at that situation?

MC: it's simple - i forgive, but will never forget.

3) You've been associated with OVW in Louisville since Tough Enough and alot of guys that are in the WWE today came through there, have you made any good friends and are close to any of those guys and who are they?

MC: I've made great friends with pretty much everyone who has come through OVW. we're all family.

4) What is the toughest thing about being a professional wrestler?

MC: Having no offseason and the travel schedule.

5) Any good road stories that you can pass along (keep it clean LOL)?

No Answer

6) Your career recently was slowed by an illness....can you explain what happened and will you ever be able to wrestle again?

MC: I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I can do all things through Christ, so you never know when I may pop up.

7) You have also expressed your deep faith in the Lord in the past several have you been able to cope with your illness through your faith?

MC: God has given me complete peace with what is going on. i know it's all for his divine purpose and I'm humbled to be a part of this.

8) Has it been tough to be associated with the wrestling business while keeping hold of your faith, especially with some of the things that goes on with the wrestling business today?

MC: I guess it can be, but i know who i am and will not sacrifice that for anything.

9) What is the BEST thing and the WORST thing about being a professional wrestler, maybe something that you didn't realize would be that way when you started?

MC: Best: interacting with an audience, entertaining the masses.
Worst: injuries and being away from family.

10) If you had to tell someone what it's like being a professional wrestler, what are the three most important things you would tell them?

MC: You have to love it or it will eat you apart. you have to be tough physically, mentally, and emotionally. you have to make sacrifices in your personal life and be patient.

Matt invites you to check out for some great gear.

The Wrestleline Report-Saturday

The Wrestleline Report
Saturday, April 21
The Indy Wrestleline: 317-592-9401
Reported by: Adam Simmons

EWF Wrestling presents the 4th Annual X8 Tournament TONIGHT - April 21, 2007!

EWF Arena
3400 S. Adams
Marion, IN 46953
Doors Open at 6:30 PM | 7:30 PM Bell time
First Round Matches:

"The Shooter" Brent Albright vs. Billy Roc

Tank Toland vs. Justin Dean

Tyler Black vs. Jake Omen

Hillbilly Jed vs. "Cannonball" Sami Callihan

A look at the participants:

BRENT ALBRIGHT "The Shooter" Brent Albright competed on "WWE Smackdown!" under the name of "Gunner Scott". Since his departure from WWE, he has been exploding on the independent scene including Ring Of Honor. Brent is a multiple title holder in the WWE's Developmental company, OVW.

Tank Toland is formerly James Dick of "WWE Smackdown!" and is a multiple time OVW titleholder. He now is a respected trainer for OVW and can be found wrestling all over the U.S on various independents. He was last seen in EWF in a series of matches with Big Richard Cannon.

Tyler Black is a member of MTV's "Wrestling Society X" where he is in a tag team with Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler is also a rising star on the independent scene.

"Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc will be making his return to the EWF by the request of many fans. He was trained by legendary NWA Champion Dory Funk Jr and then relocated to Indiana. Over the past year, he has exploded across the Midwest indy scene and has his sights on CHIKARA, a Popular East Coast federation later this year.

Jed is widely regarded as one of the best big men in wrestling today. This fan favorite brings fans to their feet with his amazing agility and hard hitting style.

Jake Omen is an "EWF Hardknocks original". Omen , who actually made his pro wrestling debut in a battle royal at the very first X8 in 2004 is a former EWF Midwestern and Xtreme Champion.

"Cannonball" Sami Callihan debuted in EWF this past December and since has been on a rampage looking for respect. Sami is a Shark Tank graduate (led by TNA Star Shark Boy) and can also be found wrestling in Ohio for the HWA.

Justin Dean debuted in EWF back in 2004 and has had successful title runs as a tag team champion and New Era Champion. He is a true student of the game training every chance he gets in many seminars including those with Harley Race and AJ Styles.


4 Way for the EWF Title: Osyris (c) vs. Just Justin vs. Big Richard Cannon vs. "Luscious" Louis Linaris

And, the debuts of Marek Brave and Shane Hollister

Tickets are $15 VIP Ringside, General Admission: $12 at the door, $10 in advance

Get your tickets today- seating is limited

Visit us online at

Other shows around the midwest tonight...

*All-American Wrestling (AAW) @ Our Lady of My Carmel Gym-Herrin, IL; 7 pm belltime

*Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws (WCWO) @ Montgomery County 4-H Fairgrounds--Crawfordsville, IN; 7pm belltime

*Rose City Championship Wrestling (RCCW) @ Boys and Girls Club--Richmond, IN; 7:15 pm belltime

*Mountain Wrestling Association (MWA) @ Estill Street Jubilee--Mt Sterling, KY; 7:30 pm belltime

*AWA-Supreme @ 600 W Main--Madison, IN; 7:30 pm belltime

*Northern Wrestling Federation (NWF) @ National Guard Armory--Walton, KY; 8 pm belltime

Other News & Notes...

TNA house show results from Louisville, KY on 4/20:

Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams d. Eric Young & Robert Roode.

Christopher Daniels d. Senshi.

LAX d. The Naturals.

Promo involving Jim Cornette, Eric Young, Robert Roode w/ Traci Brooks & Jeff Jarrett

Rhino d. The Bashams in a Derby City Street Fight.

James Storm & Gail Kim d. Jacqueline Moore & Chris Harris

Samoa Joe beat AJ Styles with the Muscle buster.

Christian Cage retained the Heavyweight Title against Kurt Angle, with some help from AJ Styles.

Special thanks to Michael C. Rogers for those results!

Top Notch Wrestling Presents:
April Annihilation
Saturday Night April 28th, 2007

Located at the Jonathon Jennings IPS School 109
6150 Gateway Drive.
Indianapolis, Indiana
(Near W.38th & High School Road on Indy's Northwest side)

General Admission for Adults & Kids $7.00
Bell time 7:00pm

On the card you will see:

Austin James
"Superstar" TJ Powers
"Too Cool" TJ Kemp
"Blazing" Gary Cherry
"Southern Rock" - Hillbilly Jed & Indiana Kidd Jr.
"Locked & Loaded" - "The Exotic One" Rob Kincaid & "Heartthrob" Skip Raddison
Cousin Cooter
Camron Star
J.T. Brannum
Xavier Xross
Tommy Gage
TNW Tag Team Champions - Tom & Troy VanZant
"Badboy" Bobby Black
And more!

Matches will be added very soon
For more info please log onto

Check back tomorrow for results from around the midwest! Results can be sent to
Adam Simmons at!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two KY Wrestlers Suspended


Two independent wrestlers who were fined, and did not pay the fine, were subsequently suspended six months by the Ky Boxing and Wrestling Authority. Randall Hesson (aka Kid Dynamite) and Jonathan Stevenson (aka Johnny Demento) were given a six month suspension for not paying a fine due before the February 2007 meeting of the governing board. The Board suspended the two at the meeting on Tuesday. Stevenson was dressing for a show in Bowling Green, even though he was on suspension at the time, when KBWA inspectors arrived with State Police and had Stevenson escorted from the show. The Board also issued 5 other violations. ICW, a promotion in Bowling Green, was fined $300 total for two violations of training 17 year old teen (in Kentucky, you must be 18 years old to even train) Another promotion was fined $250 for two violations of wrestlers working outside the audience barrier.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First Round Matches announced for EWF X8 Tourney this weekend

"The Shooter" Brent Albright vs. Billy Roc

Tank Toland vs. Justin Dean

Tyler Black vs. Jake Omen

Hillbilly Jed vs. "Cannonball" Sami Callihan

CCW (Classic) Results--4/33--Male HS, Louisville, KY

8-Man Table Match--Elmore Fudd won the 8-Man Table Match when he put Biff Wellington, III thru a table.

"The Black Redneck" Kliff Hanger defeated Damien Divine

FOP's "Deputy Dawg" Phil Shipp and Deputy Mike "KO" McCauley defeated the HNIC (Apollo and JB Thunder)

Randy Royal defeated The Texas Hangman

"The Old School Player" Dynamite Derrick defeated The Stalker

CCW Heavyweight Title Match--(Challenger) Kelly Charles defeated (Champion) Vic The Bruiser by DQ - No Title Change.

CCW Tag Team Title Match--(Challengers) "The Prophet and "Smooth" Johnny Spade with Miss Holly Wood won the CCW Tag Team Titles from The Fat-N-The Furious (Jack Black and Vito Andretti with Mickey O'Dell)

USWF Results--4/14--McKinney, KY

Standing Room Only - One of the Largest Crowds at McKinney in over a Year!!!

Brent Goodin won by pin over Maxx Mizery

The Masked Superstar (with Miss Felony Foxx)won by pin over Dustin P.

Country Cuzzin' Jed (with Cuzzin' Mae)won by pin over Lincoln Walker

USWF United States Title Match--(Champion) Jay-Ten Lyons won by DQ over The Dream Weaver (with Miss Felony Foxx)

"Smooth" Johnny Spade (with Miss Holly Wood) --vrs-- The Zodiac (with Miss Felony Foxx) was ruled by the Referee a No Contest - No Winner.

McKinney Street Fight Match - USWF National Title On The Line--Rated-X, The Patriot and The Prophet (with Miss Jesse Belle) defeated the team of The Masked Superstar, Cujo and the Defending USWF Champion - Jack Black (with Mickey O'Dell and Miss Felony Foxx). The Prophet scored the pin over Jack Black and is now the USWF National Champion.

USWF returns to McKinney, Kentucky on Saturday, May 5th, 2007.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Jeff Peterson Cup/NWA Indiana Working Together

Jeff Peterson Cup 2007 and NWA-Indiana have come to an agreement.

Sunday, May 6th
Lafayette, Indiana
6:00pm bell time
Brandon Thomaselli V.S. PT Hussla V.S. "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc - Qualifying match for the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup tournament in Orlando, Florida.

For those interested, this show also features Buff Bagwell. For more information, check out

BBW Results--4/14--Shepardsville, KY

Indiana Kidd defeated Ryan Rich

Tracy Smothers pinned Gothx

Jedd won by pin over Mohero

BBW champion Todd Morton defeated Billy Black by referee's reverse decision

In the main event BBW tag champs Bull Pain & Chris Michaels
defeated Sean Schutls & Simon Sezz

MWA Results--4/14--Mt Sterling, KY

(Steele Smooth) "Big" Al Steele and Chucky Smooth won by double pin over (Team Fitness) "Mr. Fitness" Michael Payne and "Mr. Physical" Mean Mike Roach

"Mr. Extreme" Tommy Gunn won by pin over JT Snow

Loser Gets Fired Match--"Lone Wolf" Bobby Blade wins by pin over "The Driller" Eddie Browning

MWA Tag Team Title Match--(Champions) "Done Deal" (Dick Dalton and Kasey Kaos) won by pin over "Hosscat" Big Henry and Tuffy (MWA Kentucky Champion) when "Dirty" Dick Dalton pinned "Hosscat" Big Henry

Main Event - Tag Team Match--(Mt. Sterling Wrecking Crew) Kelly Charles and Shayne Parker --vrs-- (MWA Heavyweight Champion) "Honest" Donnie Green and Larry D. was ruled a No Contest - No Winner.

MWA Results--4/14--Mt Sterling, KY

Steele Smooth) "Big" Al Steele and Chucky Smooth won by double pin over (Team Fitness) "Mr. Fitness" Michael Payne and "Mr. Physical" Mean Mike Roach

"Mr. Extreme" Tommy Gunn won by pin over JT Snow

Loser Gets Fired Match--"Lone Wolf" Bobby Blade wins by pin over "The Driller" Eddie Browning

MWA Tag Team Title Match--(Champions) "Done Deal" (Dick Dalton and Kasey Kaos) won by pin over "Hosscat" Big Henry and Tuffy (MWA Kentucky Champion) when "Dirty" Dick Dalton pinned "Hosscat" Big Henry

Main Event - Tag Team Match--(Mt. Sterling Wrecking Crew) Kelly Charles and Shayne Parker --vrs-- (MWA Heavyweight Champion) "Honest" Donnie Green and Larry D. was ruled a No Contest - No Winner.

AWA-Supreme Results--4/14--Madison, Indiana

Tag Team Champions The Blackhearts fired Mr. Reese as their manager for signing the agreement to face the winners of the Ashley Robinson Memorial Tag Team Tournament.

"Sweet" William Valentine pinned Country Cousin Cooter after hitting him with a chain and pinning him with his feet on the ropes.

Tag Team Champions The Blackhearts pinned Ricky Ruckus with the "Black Death" to defeat the Prime Time Playaz (Ruckus & CJ Popp).

Eric Draven beat Brandon Hunter by DQ, but after the match Hunter placed a concrete block on Draven's leg and smashed it with a chair, causing severe damage to Draven's knee.

Johnny Strattlin beat TV Champion Nic Noble by submission using the Stratlin Stretch to win the Title.

Kamala beat The Strangler by DQ to win the Lumberjack Strap Match

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Indy Wrestle Line--4/15 Report

Indy Wrestle Line Independent Update
317-592-9401 option #1


Hello everyone and welcome to your Sunday Indy Wrestle Line update, I am your weekend warrior Randy Klemme.

First off, One quick birthday shoutout for this week, EWF's Hurricane celebrating a birthday next Friday so if you see Hurricane wish him a Happy Birthday...

To Terry in New Castle, I totally agree with you on Vince McMahon having a hand in getting the match between Jerry Lawler and Hulk Hogan cancelled in Memphis. Lawler is used so little in the ring, I really couldn't see how it would hurt, EXCEPT he didn't want Hulk Hogan to have the glory again because of some recent problems between the two. I have heard this show is Hogan's show and not Lawler. McMahon has to have his hands in everything.

Don't forget next weekend is the EWF X-8 Tournament and right now on option 3 of the Indy Wrestle Line you can hear from another of the particpants as Greg Carey interviews former WWE Superstar Tank Toland on the HotSeat...

Also a reminder my 10-Falls interview this week is with northern Indiana Wrestling Star Chase Richards. That interview can be found in the Independents Day section of or on my MySpace page at midwestinsiderrandy in the blog section. By the way, next week I will have a SPECIAL interview with Tough Enough 3 winner and OVW Superstar Matt Capotelli, as I go 10-rounds with him next weekend....

A couple of quick news notes....for fans of the Madison Square Gardens Classics on the MSG Network, you'll need to mark May 16th on your calendar as that is the return date for the shows...

Tonight is TNA Lockdown on PPV. There are questions as to who Christy Hemme's mystery team will be against VKM. Apparently TNA was unable to find a suitable tag team, so the two participants will be from the main roster and the match has been moved to the pre-show.

Speaking of TNA, they will be at the Louisville Gardens next Friday for a house show. Ticketmaster still has good seats remaining for the show....

Well as I mentioned yesterday it is another busy weekend for independent let's get right into the results

IWA MidSouth debuted last night at Southwestern High School south of Shelbyville, Indiana for a fundraiser for the senior class and saw 356 in attendance...


Teo. def. PUPPET




In a TLC Match for the IWA World Light-Heavyweight Title BRANDON THOMASELLI def. JOSH ABERCROMBIE, ending Abercrombie's near 15 month title reign


"THE DAMAJA" DANNY BASHAM vs. IAN ROTTEN went to a double count-out


and it was IWA Mid-South World Champion CHUCK TAYLOR def. IWA Mid-South Death Match Champion DRAKE YOUNGER
In Marion, Indiana at the EWF Arena

Hank Calhoun beat Nightmare

Big Richard Cannon beat Wildman Rogers

New Era Champion "Indy Kid" Jay West beat Fallen Dragon

Jake Omen beat Mike Lawson by DQ

Sami Callihan beat Cupid Valentino

Nate Pheonix & Just Justin beat EWF Tag Team Champions Locked
N' Loaded by DQ

and in the main event--Fans Bring The Weapons Match, Louis Linaris beat Damian Michaels, Hank Calhoun, and Wildman Rogers
At the Black Center in South Bend, Indiana, it was Midwest Wrestling Connection action....

Scotty Young def. Sikness

The Cosmic Kid, Chad Tener def. Tony T.

Brutus Dylan def. Dash

MAZZ def. Draven by DQ

Dark Lion def. Michael Thunder

and in the main event The Cosmic Kid def. Adam Evans and William Stud to become the new MWWC Heavyweight champion

The next MWWC show is Saturday April 28th in Elkhart, Indiana
At BoneKrusher's in Cincinnati, Ohio last night it was Northern Wrestling Federation action...

Stewie Backlund & Roger Ruffen wrestled to a Time Limit Draw.

Angel pinned The Warlock.

Freaks & Geeks (Austin Meddler & Dr. Melvin Winkelman) and The American Eagle pinned The Thugs & The Crybaby when Eagle pinned T-Money

Jesse Hyde easily pinned Jac Attack.

The Zodiacs against Monte & Christopher Michael Lotus wrestled to a No Contest.

In the Lumberjack Match, Pompano Joe defeated Muldoon.

NWF Champion Ryan Stone & The Genunine Superstar Anthony Bryant defeated Tri-State Champion Ice and NWF CEO Kirk Sheppard when Stone pinned Sheppard

NWF action is back at BoneKrusher's in Cincinnati next Friday and returns to the National Guard Armory in Walton, Kentucky on Saturday. Both shows have an 8pm belltime....
There was Applachian Wrestling Federation action last night in Frenchburg, Kentucky

The Canadian Playa defeated Johnny Jordan and "Gorgeous" JC when he pinned "Gorgeous" JC in a 3-way dance

Ric Gunner won by pin over J.R. Roc

Hamid Jihad won by pin over "The Heart Breaker" Jamie Baker

AWF Tag Team Champions "Awesome" Allan Lynch and Wes "The Best" Lynch won by pin over "The Heatseekers" C.M. Sigmon and Shane Andrews with Lynch pinning Andrews

"The American Eagle" against "Showtime" Shawn Christopher ended with the referee counting a double pin

and in the Main Event Battle Royal Jamie Baker threw Shawn Christopher and Hamid Jihad over the top rope to win the Frenchburg Battle Royal.
There were a number of others shows around the Midwest last night including shows in Madison, Merrillville, Winslow, Indiana....Diamond, Illinois, Mt Sterling, KY and many more. As we get the results they will be posted on in the Independents Day Section
On Friday, Windy City Wrestling had a big card near Chicago and here are those results

"The Fury" Rick Walsh defeated 7 Deadly Sins member GREED

WCPW Lightweight Champion Isaias Velazquez defeated Angel Rodriguez

"The Danny boy" Sean Mulligan defeated WCPW League Champion Curse by disqualification

UAPW Inner-City Championship Rudo Cortez defeated Jordan Pryde

WCPW Heavyweight Champion Baltazar pinned Wicked

Vito "2 fingers" Fontaine defeated D.T.A.

Abaddon defeated "The Fury" Mitch Blake in a Lumberjack Match

and in the Main Event for the UAPW tag team Championship Steve Boz, Acid Jaz & Ripper Manson defeated C-Red & The C.U.R.E(Dymond,Rockett,Dunn)

A reminder If you have any wrestling news, results or information that you would like to contribute, I will gladly give you full credit.

You can leave it after this report or e-mail me at I am also available on MySpace at my website at

So join me for plenty of results, news and information next safe and support independent professional wrestling!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Ladies Man

Just thought I'd weigh in here with a little more insight into the wonderful world of Ladies Wrestling. While I don't want to steal anything that Lance Storm has written, I am going to take a page out of his book, and cover most of the ladies who the WWE would have you believe are wrestlers.....AND, the ladies who actually ARE trained wrestlers.

First-let's look at the Eye Candy Division: and this division can best be summed up as.....Beautiful, but Stupid. We start this one with Maria.....but who's to say if she is stupid.....or very smart? After all, she IS able to put a complete sentence together without too much trouble. Then, we move to that idiotic "GO-DADDY" girl. I'm not even going to mention her name, but let's just say that in the dictionary under "stupid"......there is her picture.

Let's move on to those lovely ladies that I will place in the category of Not a Clue: and this division can best be described as those girls who are attractive, have absolutely no talent, no wrestling they really have no clue why they are in the WWE. Among those....Crystal, Chantalle, among others.

Then there is the I'm Trying to Learn division: In this division, we would find Ashly(and who knows why they pushed her as having a brother who was a wrestler). She tries very hard in the ring, but she just hasn't got what it really takes to be a wrestler.

The final category, or True Wrestler: At the top of the list, is Jillian, followed closely by Mickie, Victoria, and Melina. Those of you who know anything about the indies in the past, know that these ladies went as Mercedes, Alexis Laree, Victoria(no change there), and Melina Perez. THEY are truly wrestlers, who have gone through rigorous training, only to be stuck in some stupid storylines with the other "ladies who wrestle".

For each one of these ladies who has been trained, and has made it to the WWE....there are scores of other ladies....whose training is just as good, but who are overlooked because they aren't wrestling mainstream organizations...or because the WWE would much rather have another "Diva Search" and let the true talent sit at home.

I could go on and on about this, but will let it go for now. All I can do, is ask those of you who are true wrestling fans, and in of the voice your opinions. Email, write, contact the WWE, and let them know that you are tired of seeing the untrained airheads who are ruining what used to be a very good ladies division. these ladies who are working their butts off in the independant feds, that you care. Support the wonderful ladies of wrestling......


Remember....the ladies need your support, too!

Indy Wrestle Line--4/14 Report

Indy Wrestle Line Independent Update
317-592-9401 option #1


Hello everyone and welcome to your Saturday Indy Wrestle Line update, I am your weekend warrior Randy Klemme.

It's another busy weekend for independent professional wrestling around the midwest...

Before we forget it this weekend, we have to send out a special birthday shoutout to our very own Greg Carey. Greg will be celebrating a birthday Happy Birthday Greg...

So let's get right into today's action....

In Marietta, Indiana tonight south of Shelbyville, IWA MidSouth will have a big fundraiser for the Southwestern High School Senior Class. Scheduled to appear on the card are The Honky Tonk Man, Demolition Ax and Danny Basham. Tickets are $20 for ringside and $15 general admission. The school is located at 3409 W 600 South in Shelbyville, Indiana. Belltime is I believe at 7pm....

EWF will be in action in Marion, Indiana tonight starting at 7PM at the EWF Arena, 3400 S Adams. Midwestern Champion Nate Phoenix, New Era Champion Jay West and Tag Champs Locked n Loaded will all be on the card in Marion tonight. Tickets are $8 at the door.

The Midwest Wrestling Connection will be in South Bend at the Charles Black Center, 3419 W Washington Street. Doors open at 6:30pm....

Fire Pro Wrestling has a big card tonight at the Impact Christian Church, 401 W 82nd Place in Merrillville, Indiana. Tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for children under the age of 10. Fire Pro Wrestling is working in conjunction with Stand True and the Woman’s Crisis Pregnancy Center in Highland for this show. If you bring in any new baby product (diapers, formula, clothing) tickets at the door are half off. In addition, all profits made from the show will be given to Stand True and the Woman’s Crisis Pregnancy Center. Belltime tonight is at 7pm...

Tri State Wrestling has a show tonight at the Community Center in Winslow, Indiana with a 7pm belltime...

AWA-Supreme has their weekly show at 600 W Main Street in Madison, Indiana tonight starting at 7:30pm...

Elsewhere, Northern Wrestling Federation action returns to Bonekrusher's tonight, 2616 Colerain Avenue in Cincinnati. Belltime there is 8pm...

Mountain Wrestling Association will be at the Estill Street Jubilee in Mount Sterling, Kentucky starting at 7:30pm...

USWF will be at the Old Mckinney Gym in McKinney, Kentucky starting at 7:30pm

and Midwestern States Pro Wrestling will be at the Diamond Banquet Hall in Coal City, Illinois starting at 7PM Central Time...

Last night before a record breaking crowd at Steve's Gym in Elkhart, Indiana it was Underground Championship Wrestling action....

Brutus Dylan beat Alex Rase

White Boy & Jason Automatic defeated The Frat House (Mikey & Donny Benjamin)
Big Daddy Dean beat Jynx.

Adam Bueller pinned Jake Omen.

Scotty Young beat Sean Tyler.

Keith Creme & Gavin Starr (w/"Sleazy" Mick Veasy) defeated Team Heart & Soul (Cupid Valentino & Tony X).

Magnum Conroy won a four way match over Bam Morgan, SPT Reign, and Jeremy Hadley, pinning Bam Morgan.

Hardcore Harry defeated Kenny Kage in a brutal hardcore match.

and it was Team Bada-Bing (Ryan Epic & Ryan Rage) and Big Russ Jones beating The Absolute Answer (Caden Ames & Christian Able) and UCW Heavyweight Champion "The HYPE" Jimmy Shalwin, with Jimmy Jacobs serving as special guest referee.

Tonight UCW will have a FREE show back at Steve's Gym in Elkhart....

This past Wednesday in Evansville, it was Coliseum Championship Wrestling action...

Lightweight "CHAMPION" Death Psi defeated "The Killer" Billy Hardway by disqualification

Dewey "Booger" Dawson defeated "Superstar" Devon Day

CCW Heavyweight "CHAMPION" "The Texas Hangman" Lonestar defeated J Grunge by disqualification

Dewey "Booger" Dawson pinned "The New Age Assassin" Tim Renesto

and it was Viper defeated Tracy Smothers by disqualification

Next Wednesday, CCW will celebrate their 6th anniversary with a big card...


Plan to check out the latest interview of participants in the EWF X-8 Tournament coming next Saturday, April 21st in Marion, Indiana. The interview features former WWE Star Tank Toland and that is on option #3 of the Indy Wrestle Line at 317-592-9401...

Also available on the web is my latest 10-Falls interview, this week with the Northern Indiana Wrestling Star Chase Richards. You can find the interview in the Independents Day section at or on my MySpace page at in the blog section.

A reminder If you have any wrestling news, results or information that you would like to contribute, I will gladly give you full credit. You can leave it after this report or e-mail me at I am also available on MySpace at my website at

So join me for plenty of results, news and information safe and support independent professional wrestling!

Friday, April 13, 2007

10-Falls with Northern Indiana Indy Star Chase Richards

10-Falls with Chase Richards

1) How long have you been in the business and where did you receive your wrestling training?

CR: I have been in the business for 7 years now. I initially recieved my training through NRW (A defunct fed in Northwest Indiana), but have trained at several other schools throughout the course of my "career".

2) What organizations have you worked for and which ones are you currently associated with?

If I left anyone out, I apologize...

3) What titles have you held during your wrestling career?

NRW Tag Team Championship
IUWA Tag Team Championship
MEW Enterprise Title
IUWA National Title
AAW Tag Team Championship (2X's)
FPW Tag Team Championship
ARW Heayweight Title
NWA-Indiana Heritage Tag Team Championship

4) Which match over your career has been your favorite and why? and who is your favorite opponent to work with?

CR: I'd probably say my favorite match thusfar has to be when I defended the ARW title against "Roughneck" Jay Ryan. As-of right-now, that match just came-off SO good... very hard-hitting, very intense.

My favorite opponent is a very tough one to narrow down. There have been so many guys I've worked with that I'd work any night of the week... if I HAD to choose, I'd say "The Prophet Of Rage" Botch. We always seem to work well with one another.

5) How would you best describe your style of wrestling?

CR: Believable. I take a lot of pride in what I do in the ring, and don't want anyone sitting in the crowd thinking that they can do what I'm doing. 'Physical' is another word to describe it.

6) What is the toughest thing about being a professional wrestler?

CR: I'd say the toughest thing, for me, has been the moral conflictions you come across. To me, integrity is something I will not compromise, and in wrestling, there are a lot of obstacles you encounter that makes many men compromise their integrity. Knowing that if I just did this, or stabbed this person in the back, I could "make it farther in the business" really bothers me. But, what can I say? I'm in a business that is all about "cons".

7) Any good road stories that you can pass along (keep it clean LOL)?

CR: Man, there have been so many good car-rides... but the one that immediately pops into my head is one of my first trips. It's myself, Kenny Courageous, Cade Lee and Tank Escobar and we're all crammed in the smallest car imaginable... the exact brand or make of the car escapes me, but trust me, it was small. We're heading down I-65 and out of nowhere, the car breaks down and we're stranded on the side of the road. It's around 3-4 o'clock on a Saturday, so there is a steady flow of traffic, and Tank decides he NEEDS to go to the bathroom. This wouldn't have been a problem, if he just had to pee. Now, Tank is not a shy person in the absolute least, so he gets a newspaper we had in the car and proclaims "It's either on the side of the road or on myself" and heads to the grass. For reasons not known to this day, he proceeded to lean back on the SLOPE of the grass, butt facing traffic and do his thing. We are all laughing so hard we're crying... why didn't he try to hide himself a little better, ya know? When he returns to the car, after catching our breath, we ask him why didn't face the other way. His retort, and I quote: "I didn't want anyone to see m'penis."

That's the "cleanest" one I have!

8) Are there things that you would like to achieve during your pro wrestling career? Short term and long term goals?

CR: Of course there are goals I'd like to achieve. Short-term: I'd like to work more weekday shows. I'd love to branch-out and work new places, learn new things, meet new people. I'd like to be considered a "go-to" guy for a good match. As far as long term: I'd love to work for a bigger North American fed. I'd LOVE to sometime maybe do a tour of Japan.

9) Have you received any important advice from other more famous names in the pro wrestling business and what was that?

CR: Colt Cabana gave me some of the best advice I've ever recieved. It was to carry yourself like a star. If you don't believe you're a star, then why would anyone else? I am trying to apply that more and more each passing day. Lex Luger gave me some GREAT advice for getting noticed more and nutritional tips. Chad Collyer taught me so much with very few words. You can learn from just aboot anything if you really want to.

10) What is the BEST thing and the WORST thing about being a professional wrestler, maybe something that you didn't realize would be that way when you started?

CR: Best: Kids, teens, adults... it doesn't matter what age you are, you can always find yourself caught-up in the moment when meeting someone you like to watch perform. It can be any athlete, actor, musician... when someone enjoys your craft, they look up to you and hold you on a higher platform than "normal people". It's cool to have people think you're something special, when in actuality, you're as down-to-earth and normal as they are. I think that's the best part of it.

Worst: The politics. The backstabbing. The drama...

If anyone would like to reach Chase Richards, you can contact him via myspace at:


by e-mail:

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

AWA-Supreme Results--4/7--Madison, IN

  • Divine opened the show by telling the fans that there were NOT problems within Above the Law and that Eric Draven & Johnny Stratlin were going to come out and publicly agree that Maverick is the leader of the group and that Maverick & Divine would get the match vs. The Blackhearts for the Tag Team Titles. Maverick also announced that a 5th member would be joining Above The Law. Eric Draven's music hit and out came two imposters who were dressed like Draven & Stratlin. The two imposters made a mockery of the former ATL Tag Team Champs until the real Draven & Stratlin hit the ring and attacked them... with Maverick & Divine retreating to the back.
  • TV Champion Nic Noble pinned Kid Genocide in a Title Defense.
  • CJ Popp defeated Mr. Sunshine.
  • Ricky Ruckus beat Tommie "T-Dogg" Foreman after catching him from the second rope with a Spine Buster. After the match, Ruckus was attacked by Damien Divine.
  • The Regulators and the team of Chris Blayze & Spazz battled to a double count-out.
  • The Raver Nation (Biff Wellington, III & Karma) beat the team of CJ Popp & Brandon Hunter after Above The Law members Damien Divine & Billy Maverick "kidnapped" Hunter from ringside.
  • Above The Law (Billy Maverick & Damien Divine) vs. Above The Law (Eric Draven & John Stratlin) ended in a Double-DQ. Draven hit Maverick with a Superkick, but during the pin Maverick stuffed a chain in Draven's tights. While Maverick was doing this, Draven did the same thing to him. When the referee raised Draven's hand, Maverick pointed out the chain on Draven, so the referee reversed his decision and raised Maverick's hand... until Draven pointed out the chain on Maverick. After the match, a melee ensued with the fake Draven & Stratlin hitting the ring to attack their real counterparts. Eric Draven threw a ball of fire at the fake Stratlin but was then BLINDSIDED by Brandon Hunter... the NEW MEMBER of Above The Law! When Draven recovered, he was hit in the face with a ball of fire from the hands of Damien Divine!
  • Special Thanks to AWA-Supreme Sponsor, Riverhouse II!
  • Don't forget this week's Special Benefit show this Wednesday night, April 11th at the SCW Building, 821 West Main Street Madison, IN. Proceeds go to benefit the family of Ashley Robinson of Madison, IN who was murdered while 2 1/2 months pregnant. Doors open at 6:30 PM, and the show starts at 7:30 PM.
  • Also this week's REGULAR show will be on Friday, April 13th rather than Saturday (FOR THIS WEEK ONLY) and will feature a Steel Cage Match between Kamala and The Tibetan Strangler!

UCW Results--4/7--Cave City, KY

Match #1: Stevie King & Derrick Neal won by pin over Otis Bass & Jack Dalton. Derrick Neal scored the pin over Otis Bass.
Match #2: Jack Daniels won by pin over "Prodigy" Jon Roc
Match #3: "Superstar" Bill Dundee won by pin over Billy Ray Hickerson
Match #4: "Winning Tag Team Gets Tag Title Shot Later That Night"
"Dangerous" Doug Vines & Jack Daniels (with Chuck Pointer) won by Double Pin over "Flamboyant" Farron Foxx & "Dr. Of Style" Richard Lowe. Vines pinned Foxx as Daniels pinned Lowe.
Match #5: UCW Tag Team Title Match
(Challengers) "Dangerous" Doug Vines & Jack Daniels won by pin over (Champions) "Prodigy" Jon Roc & "Bone Crusher" Jeff Crowe. Vines pinned "Prodigy".
Match #6: UCW Southern States Title Match --- Title vrs Hair
(Champion) Justin Sane retained UCW Title by pin over "Terrific" Terry England (with manager Rodney Middleton). Terry England had his head shaved after this bout. Rodney Middleton, Otis Bass and "Prodigy" Jon Roc attacked Terry England after his head was shaved. Justin Sane and "Dangerous" Doug Vines made the save.
Match #7: MAIN EVENT --- UCW Heavyweight Title Match
(Challenger) Vic The Bruiser (NWA Tennessee Champion, Gen-X Champion, CCW Champion) won by DQ over (Champion) "Bone Crusher" Jeff Crowe.

Brawl in the Hall results--4/7--Springfield, IL






Monday, April 9, 2007

EWF Results--4/7--Marion, Indiana

Dark Lion beat Matt Lowery

Jake Omen beat Cupid Valentino

The next match was announced as an Easter" Lucky Number 7" Gauntlet match... everyone in the locker room had their name placed in a hat and 2 men would start out and after either pinfall or submission another name would be drawn out until 7 participants had entered the ring. The winner would advance to the Fatal 4-way EWF Title Match at the X8 on April 21st, which at this point has Osyris defending against Just Justin...

Unlucky Number 7 Gauntlet Match:

1) Hank Calhoun beat Wildman Rogers

(Hank nailed Wildman with a pair of Brass Knuckles while the referee was distracted and got the 3-count)

2) Fallen Dragon beat Hank Calhoun
(very quick Dragon hit Calhoun in the jaw with a super kick to score the pin)

3) Fuji Brown beat Fallen Dragon
(Dragon with the early advantage on Brown, however, Brown managed to hit his finisher to advance)

4) Fuji Brown beat The Insane Luchadore (lasted all of 6 seconds that included the 3 count)

5) Big Richard Cannon beat Fuji Brown
(Cannon who now refers to himself in 3rd person as Richard Cannon blasted Fuji with a series of high impact moves to move on to number 7)

6) Big Richard Cannon beat Bob
(Cannon with the early advantage here but Bob got his B-O-B punches off and a round of T-Bone suplexes only to be cut off and at the receiving end of a Richard Cannon top rope head butt to score the win

Richard Cannon wins the "Lucky Number 7 Gauntlet" to advance to April 21st's Fatal 4-way

After the match, Richard Cannon said he was about to debunk a holiday myth and

The fans chanted for Cannon to "HUG THE BUNNY" but when he tried he was hit with a
Modified "Easter Bunny Ace Crusher" and then took off the Bunny Head... revealing it was Just Justin! Richard Cannon got out of the ring and headed for the back telling Justin it would be him that
will win the fatal four way on April 21st...

Damian & Hurricane had their Official Contract signing... Damian had come to the ring with a guitar case and 2 druids in tow after Damian had signed the contract he read the bottom which stated that the match for next week between the 2 would be a "Fans bring the weapons match"... Damian had not read the entire contract was furious and sent his druids to attack Hurricane... they had little luck beating on "Cane.

After a few minutes of Hurricane tossing the druids around he reached into Damian's guitar case and blasted one of Damian's druids with the guitar upside his head... shattering it into about 100 pieces. Damian says he promises Hurricane will pay next week.

Sami Callihan beat Tiny Tim

New Era Title: Jay West (c) beat Andy Santos

Nate Pheonix & Just Justin beat Locked & Loaded in a non title tag match

Destinee Blade tried to help Locked & Loaded only to prompt Miss Jeanie to come to ringside to even the odds. The women continued to brawl on the outside while Nate & Justin hooked L&L in double schoolboys for the win.

SHIMMER News & Notes

SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES News for 04.08.07

- Volumes 9 & 10 are history!
- Title tournament tickets on sale online Monday morning!
- Volume 7 now available at!


SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES returned to the Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL on Saturday, April 7th for Volumes 9 & 10 of the SHIMMER DVD series. Here's what went down...

ALLISON DANGER opened the show by informing the fans in attendance that JAZZ would unfortunately not be able to appear due to her mother being hospitalized the previous evening in Memphis. Ticket refunds were offered at the door. Jazz was very apologetic over the phone on Saturday morning about the situation, but we at SHIMMER understand that some things in life are more important than wrestling, and Jazz assured us that she will make it up to the fans of SHIMMER in the future.

An intro video was shown on the big screen, put together by Nykk of the SHIMMER Forums. The video can be viewed on the web at...

The first portion of the show featured matches taped for Volume 9 of the DVD series.

1. "The Jezebel" EDEN BLACK def. RAIN of the "Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew" via submission with the Garden of Eden (triangle choke) in the opening contest.


3. "The Experience" LEXIE FYFE & MALIA HOSAKA def. ALLISON DANGER & CINDY ROGERS when Rogers turned on Danger, hitting her with a facebuster, which set The Experience up to hit their double team Gourdbuster on Allison for the pinfall. Post-match in the locker room, a very emotional Danger demanded a match against Rogers on Volume 10.

4. PORTIA PEREZ def. JOSIE after nailing her in the head with a chain behind the referee's back. Perez carried herself in a much more confident/cocky way than in the past during the match.

REBECCA BAYLESS contucted an in-ring interview with DAFFNEY, requesting that she inform us of her goals in SHIMMER. The Scream Queen revealed that while she may enter competition as a wrestler at some point in the future, for now she is going to focus on what she did from the beginning of her career, and that is manage. She said she would be scouting talent during the matches on Volume 9.

5. NIKKI ROXX def. TIANA RINGER with the Barbie Crusher. Post-match, REBECCA BAYLESS got comments from Roxx, who said her goal is to be in the main event in SHIMMER, and on the heels of a four DVD winning streak, she would like a match against the winner of Volume 9's main event on Volume 10.

6. DAIZEE HAZE def. AMBER O'NEAL with the Heart Punch/Yakuza Kick combo.

7. LACEY of the "Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew" def. SERENA DEEB with the Implant DDT after about 15 minutes of action.

8. AMAZING KONG def. MsCHIF with a spinning sitout powerbomb in a very physical match, which earned an enthusiastic standing ovation from the fans in attendance.

9. "American Angel" SARA DEL REY def. CHEERLEADER MELISSA in the main event of Volume 9 with the Royal Butterfly.

After intermission, matches were taped for Volume 10 of the DVD series.


11. RAIN of the "Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew" def. JOSIE & MALIA HOSAKA & ALEXA THATCHER in a Four Corner Survival match. After Thatcher absorbed Josie's second rope blockbuster, Hosaka broke up the pin attempt that followed and brawled to the floor with Josie, allowing Rain to follow up on Alexa with the Rain Drop (inverted DDT) to score the win.

12. "The Definition of Technician" CINDY ROGERS def. ALLISON DANGER with her feet on the ropes for extra leverage. This was an intense bout, coming on the heels of their split on Volume 9. The match included quite a bit of brawling on the floor, with use of the guardrails and the steel ring steps.

13. MsCHIF def. AMBER O'NEAL with the Desecrator. MsChif revealed a green and black clad DAFFNEY as her new manager, as both women took turns screaming in the ears of Amber O'Neal in stereo early in the match!

14. SERENA DEEB def. LEXIE FYFE with a rollup counter to the Attitude Adjuster.

15. TIANA RINGER def. "The Jezebel" EDEN BLACK with the South Palm Beach Driver in a match that featured lots of brutal kicks, and a great deal of crowd interaction with Tiana.

16. CHEERLEADER MELISSA def. LACEY of the "Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew" with the Air Raid Crash.

17. AMAZING KONG def. DAIZEE HAZE in a thrilling game of cat and mouse, after Kong hit The Haze with the Amazing Press to finish her off. Daizee was able to land the Heart Punch as well as the Yakuza Kick on Kong, but was unable to pull of the victory with it due to the size difference involved. Daizee put up one hell of a fight during the course of the match, trying to use her speed and energy to overcome Kong's power.

18. "American Angel" SARA DEL REY def. NIKKI ROXX in the main event of Volume 10 with the Royal Butterfly in roughly 20 minutes.

We'd like to thank the fans who attended the event in person for the first ever sellout SHIMMER taping! A standing room only crowd witnessed Volumes 9 & 10, and we unfortunately had to turn some late arrivals away at the door due to space restrictions. We appreciate your support!

Post your thoughts in the Official 4/7 Results Thread at the SHIMMER Forums...

Though Mary-Kate Grosso was unable to attend the taping to shoot ringside photos, veteran Chicago photographer Buddy Lamantia shot ringside the entire night, and we'll have his action photos up on the web shortly. Additionally, both Jill McKee and Gilda Pasquil were busy throughout the taping taking posed photos in the locker room. We should have their work online soon as well.

SHIMMER returns to the Berwyn Eagles Club on Friday & Saturday, June 1st & 2nd for the two night, 16 woman, single elimination tournament to crown the SHIMMER Champion. Front row reserved ringside seats went on sale Saturday at the show, but we do still have roughly 30 front row ticket packages remaining. They will be made available to purchase online at at 7am Central time on Monday morning, April 9th. General admission ticket packages will go on sale during the coming weeks.


The seventh DVD release from SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES is now available for immediate worldwide shipping at! Volume 7 features several first time ever matches, including a hard hitting battle between the "Latina Sensation" Mercedes Martinez and "The First Lady of Hardcore" LuFisto, as well as Nikki Roxx vs. Lacey! Calgary's Nattie Neidhart faces "American Angel" Sara Del Rey, and Daizee Haze takes on Cheerleader Melissa, plus much more!

Item# SH007

1. Tiana Ringer vs. Lorelei Lee
2. Cindy Rogers vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel
3. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka vs. Serena Deeb & Portia Perez
4. Rain vs. MsChif
5. Allison Danger vs. Amber O'Neal
6. Lacey vs. Nikki Roxx
7. Mercedez Martinez vs. LuFisto
8. Nattie Neidhart vs. Sara Del Rey
9. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Daizee Haze

Region 0 DVD. Will play anywhere in the world.

SALE! $14.95

Click on the link below to order Volume 7 from

Call the SHIMMER Hotline!
Call the RINGSIDE REPORT Hotline!
Visit the RING OF HONOR web site!
Watch SHIMMER matches online!
Visit the SHIMMER web site!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

IWA MidSouth Fundraiser near Shelbyville, IN next Saturday

IWA Mid-South will be running a fundraiser show for the senior class of the Southwestern Consolidated School District in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Saturday night April 14th
Southwestern High School: 317-729-5122
3406 W 600 S,
Shelbyville, IN 46176, US

Coming from Louisville, you would take exit 80 off of I-65 and turn right and then follow the signs for Southwestern High School. This is about 20 minutes closer to Louisivlle than the Plainfield shows!

Tickets for this show will be $20 and $15 and if you want ringside seats for this show, let us know asap because the school has the tickets and we will need to pull them for you.

Demolition Ax vs. Bull Pain
Former multiple time WWF tag team champion Demolition Ax debuts for IWA Mid-South and takes on one of the biggest and baddest in IWA history in Big Bad Bull Pain. This should be a helluva hard hitting contest between these two!

Honky Tonk Man vs. "Marvelous" Mitch Ryder
The longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in WWF history will be making his IWA Mid-South debut to take on the Marvelous one. Can the Honky Tonk Man shake rattle and roll his way to victory over Mitch?

Former WWF Intercontinental Champ & Tag Champ Greg "The Hammer" Valentine vs. Ian Rotten

Valentine earned the name "The Hammer" by hitting people so hard they felt like someone was drilling them with a hammer. He was able to use that brute force to win the US Heavyweight title, Intercontinental Title and WWF tag team titles in his illustrious career. Can the undisputed "King of Hardcore" take the hits dished out by the "Hammer" or will Greg Valentine learn what it is like to become hardcore?

Josh Abercrombie vs. Brandon Thomaselli in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match for the IWA Light Heavyweight Title

These former partners had a severe falling out in Midlothian after Josh pulled out a victory to retain the title and Brandon attacked him after fooling him into thinking that he was congratulating him. Josh pulled out another victory in the rematch after being dominated for most of the match. Brandon then whipped him with the ref's leather belt leading to the Indian Strap Match on April 28th but they are going to do battle once more before then with this Tables, Ladders & Chairs match in Shelbyville. Can Josh pull out another victory and stay unbeaten in TLC matches or will Brandon be the man to end the almost 15 month title reign of Josh Abercrombie?

Chuck Taylor vs. Drake Younger for the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title

The champion, Chuck Taylor, successfully defended his title twice at April Blood Showers and he wants to follow up that performance by defeating the IWA Death Match champion Drake Younger and proving that he is the superior champion in IWA. Can Drake recover enough from the injuries sustained in the Barbed Wire cage at the hands of Ian Rotten and then the vicious attack of Six Feet Under to be at full strength or is Chuck Taylor taking advantage of another situation to "prove" his superiority?

Former WWE star Zack Gowen vs. C.J. Otis

Mickie Knuckles to defend the IWA Mid-South Women's title vs. an opponent to be named later this week

plus one other exciting matchup

Gen-X Wrestling Results--4/6--Irvine, KY

The Prophet (with Miss Jesse Belle) won by pin over Lincoln Walker

MWA Heavyweight Title Match
Kelly Charles (MWA Champion) won by pin over "The Driller" Eddie Browning (with "Gentleman" Jim Chadwick)

Gen-X Heavyweight Title Match
(Champion) Vic The Bruiser (with "Gentleman" Jim Chadwick) won by pin over "Hosscat" Big Henry

Royal Rumble - Money In The Bank - Ladder Match
Jay-Ten Lyons (Gen-X Breaker Champion) won this bout over K-Lo, Blue Steel, JT Snow, Cincinnati Kid and Chance Prophet

No Holds Barred---
"Honest" Donnie Green (with "Gentleman" Jim Chadwick) won by pin over Shayne Parker

Indianapolis Wrestler becomes title holder in CZW

Congratulations to Indianapolis Indy Star Vorteks for becoming the new CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion when he defeated Jigsaw at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia Saturday night.

Coliseum Championship Wrestling Results--4/14---Evansville, IN

Courtesy of Big Lee Richardson

JP Lightning and Death Psi defeated "The Killer" Billy Hardway and Dr. Bloo

J Grunge pinned Manitoba Maniac

"The Owensboro Outlaw" Anthony Blaze defeated "The Baker" Josh Jewell

Tracy Smothers defeated Hunter Matthews

CCW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: "champion" "The Texas Hangman" Lonestar defeated Dewey "Booger" Dawson in a no disqualification match

Insanity Pro Wrestling (IPW) Results--4/7--Indianapolis, IN

Courtesy of Big Lee Richardson

OMG, Ryan Rich and PT Hustla defeated Louis Linaris, Ricochet, and Dustin Rayz

Nevaeh defeated Jessicka Havoc by disqualification

IPW MID-AMERICAN TITLE: "champion" "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc defeated Jon Moxley

The Mavericks "Alan Wasylychyn and Aaron Williams" defeated The Horror Show "Botch and Cyanide"

"Simply The Best" Carlton Kaz defeated Jake Christ

Chuck Taylor defeated "Spyder" Nate Webb

Indiana Kidd Jr. pinned "Simply Spectacular" Dave Davidson

IPW GRAND TITLE MATCH: Osyris defeated "champion" Hillbilly Jed
after the match, Greg Carey gave Osyris some cash, Osyris handed the title to Greg, Dan Garza claims that since Greg isn't a wrestler, the Grand Championship will be vacant

IPW JR. WEIGHT TITLE MATCH: "champion" Dave Christ defeated Hex Gage in a ladder match

Indy Wrestle Line--4/8 Report

Indy Wrestle Line Independent Update
317-592-9401 option #1


Welcome to your Sunday Indy Wrestle Line update, I am your weekend warrior Randy Klemme.

Well as we said yesterday, The first Saturday of the month is always VERY busy for indepedent professional wrestling and it was quite apparent ALOT of people turned out to catch the various shows around the midwest as there some good attendance reports as well as results from the shows so let's get right into it...

In Greensburg, Indiana last night in front of a packed house at the Decatur County Parks Center, it was Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws in action...

WCWO Midwest Champion Devan Monroe defeated Pogo

B.A.Skynard won over DeCap

WCWO Ladies Champion Camron Star pinned Oola

Big Red, the Wrestling Preacher marked his return to WCWO by defeating Jammer, Maniac and Timmy Turner in a handicapped match

The Chicago Playaz (Boy Toy Bryan & Stu Early) defeated Apocalypz for the WCWO Tag Team Titles after Bo Bo Brazil Jr failed to show up for his title defense

Chris Hamilton pinned Wampus Cat

and in the main event WCWO Heavyweight Champion "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher defeated "The Zombie" Rob Ramer by disqualification

WCWO returns to action Saturday, April 21st in Crawfordsville at the fairgrounds
In front of nearly 300 people in Columbus, Indiana, Hoosier Pro Wrestling celebrated their 9th anniversary with a show at the HPW Arena....

Pastor Pain pinned Kenny Starr

Cooter Clampett pinned Dave Bane

Average White Guy beat Brian Beech when Sinn interferred

Donnie Idol pinned Bobby Black in a Lumberjack Match

The Soul Shooters beat TVZ to win the HPW Tag Belts

and in the main event Ox Harley w/the Original WWE Diva Sunny pinned The Original Sinn

HPW Returns to the HPW Arena in Columbus, IN on May 5th with Former WWE Star Danny Basham, Tank Toland, Ronnie Vegas, Ox Harley, Sinn, Brian Beeech and Lady Wrestlers.
Crossroad Championship Wrestling was in action with "Easter Bash" in Terre Haute, Indiana last night

Donovan Cain def. Johnny Watts by submission

C.J. Esparza def. Axis & Drake Graven in a triple threat match

Paige Adams def. EleKtrA FinE

Arrick the Red & J.P. Lightening def. Team N.E.R.D. & The Forces of Nature

"The Ragin' Caucasian" Charlie Knight & A.C. Powers def. C.J. Maxwell & Ray Lincoln

and it was Jason Lyte w/EleKtrA FinE def. Jimmy Jacobs.
Thanks to Michael C Rogers, here are the results from Total All-Star Wrestling at the National Guard Armory in New Albany, Indiana

Randy Royal defeated "The Black Redneck" Kliff Hanger to advance to the main event match for the TAW Heavyweight Championship as the title was forfeited by TAW Champion Steve Marino due to injuries he received in a motorcycle accident

Cujo defeated Kato in the other match to determine the main event matchup for the title

Myra defeated Evil Eva in a hardcore ladies match

The Eastside Brawlers defeated Spider Nelson & Kentucky Slugger Robert

and in the main event, Cujo defeated Randy Royal to become the NEW TAW Heavyweight Champion

TAW action returns to the National Guard Armory in New Albany on Saturday, May 19th
At BoneKrusher's in Cincinnati in front of a SOLD OUT CROWD, it was Northern Wrestling Federation action

"The Man" Roger Ruffen defeated Austin Meddler

Unified Champion The Zodiac (with Jac Attack) defeated Dr. Melvin Winkleman when a second Zodiac interfered

The Thugs defeated Christopher Michael Lotus & Monte

Pompano Joe & Muldoon wrestled to a Double Count Out.

The Crybaby & Benjamin Kimera defeated Stewie Backlund & The American Eagle when Crybaby pinned Eagle.

"The Genunine Superstar" Anthony Bryant and Ice wrestled to a No Contest when Ryan Stone interfered

Jesse Hyde defeated Bodacious (with Crazy Courtney).

NWF is back in action at BoneKrusher's next Saturday with an 8 belltime
We are still waiting on results from a number of shows around the midwest Saturday night including EWF in Marion, AWA-Supreme in Madison, Indiana along with several shows in Kentucky and Illinois. As we get those results they will be posted in the Independents Day section of

Plan to check out the 4th interview of participants in the EWF X-8 Tournament coming April 21st in Marion, Indiana. The interview features Hillbilly Jed and that is on option #3 of the Indy Wrestle Line at 317-592-9401...

Also available on the web is my latest 10-Falls interview, this week with the Legendary Baron Von Rashcke. You can find the interview in the Indepedents Day section at or on my MySpace page at in the blog section. Next week's interview subject will be northern Indiana wrestling sensation Chase Richards

A reminder If you have any wrestling news, results or information that you would like to contribute, I will gladly give you full credit. You can leave it after this report or e-mail me at I am also available on MySpace at my website at

So join me for plenty of results, news and information next safe and support independent professional wrestling!